As the leading European brand for all-natural CBD oils of the highest quality, we at Cibdol are offering a range of pure and natural CBD oils here in our web shop at attractive prices.

Cibdol is offering a variety of CBD oils that come in different bottle sizes and CBD concentrations. With our CBD oils that are available as containing 2.5%, 4.0% and 10.0% of CBD we are giving health conscious users flexible options so they can dose their CBD according to their personal requirements.

Our entire range of CBD oils, no matter which one you choose, is made to the same strict quality standards. Cibdol is using only the best naturally grown fiber hemp and we never use any chemicals, GMO products or unnecessary additives to make our CBD oils. This makes the CBD oils by Cibdol among the purest CBD oils that are available on the market today.

Our CBD oils come in convenient dropper bottles which make exact dosing down to the last drop very easy. Since Cibdol CBD oils are 100% natural and don’t contain any preservatives, it is best if you store them in the refrigerator.


Cibdol has become a company dedicated to producing some of the finest CBD oils around. 

At Cibdol, we know and love CBD. What’s more, we recognize, that not all CBD oils are the same - that’s why we produce only the purest, most effective oils made with all-natural ingredients using state of the art technologies.


CBD oil is a non-psychoactive wellness supplement originating from hemp plants. The flowers, leaves and stems contain variable levels of cannabinoids, which are plant compounds, that produce different effects when consumed. CBD, formally known as cannabidiol, is one such cannabinoid, that has been linked to a wide range of health benefits.

As each year passes, more and more individuals are looking to purchase CBD legally in the form of consumable oils. CBD oils are created through CO2 extractions where cannabinoids are retrieved from hemp plant matter. These extractions are then either mixed with a vegetable oil and bottled, or sent off for additional processing and purification.

Since CBD is non-psychoactive, it is a safe supplement to try without the risk of feeling “high” or out of place. In fact, CBD oils must by law contain no more than 0.05% psychoactive content. If an oil contains any more than this concentration, it becomes re-categorized as a drug and falls under new regulations.

In addition, there are no evident side effects to CBD, but ask a medical professional if you have any fears of contraindications or negative reactions to the supplement. CBD oils appear in a number of concentrations, representing a spectrum of strengths for new and experienced consumers alike.

Golden CBD oil


Although black and golden oils are often lumped into the same category, the two are actually as different as night and day. Black CBD oils, sometimes referred to as “crude oils” are raw CBD extractions, that are mixed with a vegetable oil. This is the extent to which black oils undergo processing.

Conversely, golden oils experience a much more thorough purification process, resulting in a higher overall quality product. The list below delineates some vital differences between black and golden CBD oil.


Black oils aren’t filtered after extraction and therefore maintain elements of plant matter, such as chlorophyll, waxes, fats and other additives. This makes black CBD oils very tough to standardize, as the rate of variation from bottle to bottle is high.

Golden oils undergo a rigorous purification process, that involves removing all the above materials, while retaining all the important cannabinoids and terpenes, that give CBD oils a more wholesome course of benefits. While CBD is powerful on its own, it is strengthened further by the presence of other compounds in delivering a full spectrum of effects. This is known as the “entourage effect”, where compounds work better as a whole than they do as many individual parts - it is also the basis for creating Cibdol golden CBD oils. In addition to maintaining consistent levels of CBD, golden oils have more potent concentrations of CBD than black oils, resulting in more thorough effects.


Black oils are often eschewed for their bitter, extremely earthy smell and taste. Because they contain chlorophyll and other plant matter, black oils retain a flat, unsavory presence for the palate. Golden oils on the other hand feature a comprehensive spectrum of terpenes, which provide support to other compounds and emit pleasant flavor profiles.


A formative step in the process of creating golden oils is decarboxylation. Essentially, hemp plant matter is heated at a relatively low temperature to remove a carboxyl group and activate the CBD from its originally inactive form, CBDa. Many black oils aren’t fully decarboxylated and therefore provide dramatically lessened effects.


Since black oils contain additives, they never truly appear in even physical consistencies. The oil is only semi-solid at room temperature and at times requires additionally heating to dissolve deposits on the sides of the container. Golden oils bypass these issues with oils, that are always liquid at room temperature and flow consistently, allowing for easy dosage control.

Best quality CBD


As CBD becomes more accepted, a greater scope of companies are beginning to sell CBD oils. How do you decide what brand to choose - why choose Cibdol? At Cibdol, our goal is to consistently offer the best quality products using the latest technologies and safest, all natural methods. We keep up-to-date on the legal and medical developments of this cannabinoid and want to spread the word about the amazing therapeutic potential of cannabidiol.


Customer service is always of utmost importance to Cibdol’s success. We are dedicated to our customers and know, that our future improvement is contingent on your satisfaction and feedback. Not only will we help you find the right products to suit your specific needs, we’ll be here to offer support after you’ve purchased your products and have become a regular customer.

At Cibdol, we want you to have options. That’s why we we offer oils in three incremental CBD concentrations: 2.5%, 4% and 10%, to fit every consumer.

Tested and analysed


Cibdol is synonymous with purity, high quality and natural CBD oils. All of our raw materials are organically grown and never receive chemical treatments of herbicides, pesticides or other unnatural additives and fertilizers. As such, we use clean CO2 extractions to maintain the high quality of our plant matter, without introducing harmful solvents, that detract from purity and taste. At Cibdol, we aren’t trying to hide our CBD in additives, we want to let it shine!


All of our golden oils undergo a proprietary process developed from years of experience making CBD oil. To ensure we are providing you with the exceptional products you’ve come to expect, we perform rigorous testing and quality assurance protocol in our Swiss laboratories. Cibdol always maintains business transparency and we’ll never cut corners to make money at the customer’s expense.


Cibdol golden oils feature a full terpene spectrum. We take the extra time to remove terpenes separately from CBD. Terpenes are collected from raw hemp before CBD extraction occurs, as the process would leave terpenes behind in the dust. The terpenes are then reinfused back into the oil in its finishing stages to feature all the important non-psychoactive compounds.

CBD laboratory


The law states, that in order for CBD oils to be considered health supplements and not drugs, they must be devoid of all psychoactive content. This poses a challenge for manufacturers to retain high concentrations of CBD, while removing psychoactive cannabinoids to make sure their products comply with regulations. Some manufacturers sidestep these complications completely by using pure CBD crystals, that contain around 98-99% pure CBD.

While this makes sense in theory, CBD crystals inhibit customers from receiving the comprehensive benefits of the entourage effect. This is because pure CBD is exactly that - there are no additional cannabinoids and terpenes to deepen the effects. Ingesting oils made with CBD crystals will simply not produce the same effects as golden oils, that have received extra time and care to be as powerful as possible.