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In a world dominated by digital marketing, it's all too easy to make outrageous claims without proof or assurance. This makes customer reviews a powerful tool for those interested in the real-world impact of a given product—and CBD oil is no expectation.

CBD oil reviews help users make sense of the compound's influence, and add weight to a company's claims of purity, efficacy, and impact. However, you may have noticed we don't publish any customer reviews directly to the Cibdol website.

This isn't because we don't want you to see what our customers are saying, but because, by law, we aren't allowed. According to the Medicines Act, no CBD oil experiences, positive or otherwise, may be shared if they contain medical claims.

Unfortunately, the guidelines for what counts as a medical claim are very broad, and many CBD oil reviews could be interpreted as medical or health advice. As industry leaders, we feel it's our duty to uphold these regulations.

It's essential we provide a balanced view of CBD oil's impact, especially since many people are still discovering the compound for the first time.

Why we use Trustpilot reviews

Despite the strict regulations, it doesn't mean we can't use a trusted third party to monitor and maintain our customer reviews. Trustpilot is an excellent place to find CBD oil reviews, and an established platform used across multiple industries in over 60 countries.

Thanks to Trustpilot, you can view comments from Cibdol customers on all the products we provide. These are real experiences, without medical claims (we do our best to filter all messages).

Here are some of our favourite customer reviews:

Please keep in mind that these customer reviews are just a general guide, and Cibdol doesn't endorse any reviews left on Trustpilot.

How Trustpilot's system works: an honest way for customers to share their objective shopping experience

One of the most significant issues with customer reviews is the potential for fake or misleading feedback. Fortunately, Trustpilot has developed an automated system to address this issue head-on.

Every time a customer completes an order with Cibdol, they're automatically invited to write a review. And, once it's submitted, it's labelled as "verified" by default. This means that you can quickly and easily search hundreds of verified Cibdol CBD oil reviews—from legitimate customers—in just a few clicks.

If you'd like to share your experience with Cibdol and haven't done so yet, please feel free to visit our Trustpilot page. We love hearing your feedback!

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