Reviewer: Dr. Arno Hazekamp, PhD

Arno Hazekamp

Dr Arno Hazekamp has devoted his life to a better understanding of medicinal cannabis and its practical applications, driven by an unbridled passion for the medicinal properties of natural compounds. Now a full-time researcher, his role in industry-leading initiatives provides a unique insight few can match.

From a PhD in the medicinal use of cannabis (2001–2007) to his role as the former Head of Research and Education at Bedrocan and creator of the annual Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis, Dr Arno has over 2 decades of experience bridging the gaps between cannabis fact and fiction.

Currently pioneering a collaborative project between Dutch companies and the cannabis industry (Legal Cannabis Coalition), Dr Arno’s passion, determination, and peer-reviewed understanding of cannabis biochemistry make him an invaluable asset to the future of medicinal cannabis and the integrity of Cibdol content.

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