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  • Cibdol Was Delighted To Attend O'Cannabiz 2018

    December 14th, 2018

    With Canada at the forefront of recreational and medical cannabis markets, the level of enthusiasm and innovation at O’Cannabiz was palpable. All three days were packed with keynote speeches and exhibition booths from global companies. A prime opportunity to build meaningful relationships, Cibdol was delighted to be in attendance.

  • A Complete Overview Of Cannabinoids

    December 13th, 2018

    The word "cannabinoid" appears in so many different contexts that knowing your endocannabinoid from your phytocannabinoid can be incredibly confusing. All cannabinoids are just a diverse collection of chemical compounds responsible for interacting with cannabinoid receptors. They are even present in animals, and have been for millions of years.

  • Which Plants, Other Than Cannabis, Contain Cannabinoids?

    December 12th, 2018

    Cannabinoids are chemicals that trigger a range of biological reactions. Despite their abundance in cannabis, they are not unique to the plant. Cannabinoids are also present in animals and can be artificially created in laboratories. Also found in common household plants, cannabinoids have been used as part of herbal remedies for centuries.

  • Health is All about Balance - Homeostasis Made Clear

    December 11th, 2018

    Above all else, being “in good health” supports the foundation needed to live a long and happy life. When it comes to defining good health, some consider it to mean having good physical endurance or being emotionally stable. The real answer to good health isn’t any one attribute, but a complete balance between bodily systems.

  • Hemp seed oil - Nutritional profile, THC content and usage made clear

    December 10th, 2018

    Hemp seed oil is a powerful source of omega fatty acids. The plant is, of course, not without its potential drawbacks. However, with the right approach, organically grown hemp can be an incredibly effective dietary supplement. You've got one easily sustainable, versatile plant.

  • The Joy Of Life, Told By Six Centenarians From Bama, China

    December 3rd, 2018

    Dr. John Day, a trained cardiologist, was like many other working individuals—heavily reliant on medication to stay active. With his extensive medical background, he knew his lifestyle was not sustainable. Determined to live a healthier, more natural life, he sought out the longevity phenomenon in Bama, a Blue Zone in the county of Guangxi, China.

  • Cytokines Made Clear in 500 Words

    November 19th, 2018

    Cytokines are proving to be a new frontier of modern medicine. With the ability to either support or damage the function of cells, understanding how they work is critical. Present throughout our bodies, stimulating the right cytokines can combat numerous highly dangerous diseases and promote a healthy body.

  • Understanding Chronic Inflammation—The Key to Preventing All Lifestyle Diseases

    November 13th, 2018

    Chronic inflammation can be the precursor to several debilitating and fatal diseases. While inflammation is a natural and necessary biological response, too much of a good thing can lead to dangerous repercussions. You needn’t worry, a healthy lifestyle combined with the right foods and supplements can keep chronic inflammation under control.