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  • Can CBD Treat Sunburn?

    August 19th, 2019

    Whether it is getting away for a few weeks, or just relaxing in the garden, many of us will be soaking up that holiday sun. The challenge, however, is managing the fine line between a summer tan and inflamed, uncomfortable sunburn. To find out how CBD may be able to help reduce inflammation and soothe painful sunburn, keep reading.

  • Can You Take CBD and Drive Afterwards?

    August 15th, 2019

    There is a common belief that the effects of CBD are similar to its psychotropic cousin, THC. CBD oils are commonly extracted from commercial hemp and, therefore, do not induce feelings of “high”. Unfortunately, the misconceptions about CBD has many people asking if it's still safe to take CBD and drive. To find out the answer, keep reading.

  • Can CBD Support Fertility?

    August 12th, 2019

    Fertility is a delicate topic. With the recent rise in interest surrounding CBD, attention has shifted to whether the cannabinoid can add fertility to its growing list of possible therapeutic applications. With that in mind, keep reading to find out whether CBD can help couples trying to conceive.

  • Why Should I Use CBD Topicals As Part Of My Skincare Routine?

    August 8th, 2019

    CBD has found its way into all types of wellness products. However, one area garnering significant attention is CBD and skincare. The therapeutic potential of CBD alongside supportive ingredients has consumers thinking about how they can incorporate CBD-infused beauty products into their daily routine.

  • How Might CBD Help With Gut Health And Digestion?

    August 5th, 2019

    There's a complex link between gut health, the ECS, and overall well-being. Compelling early research suggests CBD could have a role to play.

  • Can CBD Help With Jet Lag?

    August 1st, 2019

    Travelling across time zones can result in sleep disturbances, irritability, brain fog and sore muscles. While jet lag is hard to avoid, CBD could minimise symptoms and help you recover quicker.

  • Can I Take CBD While Breastfeeding?

    July 29th, 2019

    When discussing cannabis use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the advice from health professionals appears unanimous—it should be avoided. While they all tend to agree that THC can be dangerous for a newborn’s development, far less is known about the impact of CBD. To find out whether you can take CBD while breastfeeding, keep reading.

  • How to Talk to Your Doctor About CBD

    July 25th, 2019

    Despite its potentially huge range of therapeutic applications, there is still a stigma that CBD cannot seem to shift—talking to your doctor about it. For essential advice on approaching the topic of CBD with your doctor or physician, keep reading.

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