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Encourage your desire for a long and healthy life with spermidine, a naturally occurring compound with a promising role in longevity research. Spermidine supports dozens of cellular functions inside the body, but levels naturally diminish as we age, making supplementation essential. That's where high-quality supplements from Cibdol can bolster your body from within, promoting the molecular pathways that influence ageing.


Make longevity a priority

A naturally occurring polyamine, spermidine is quickly becoming a promising compound for longevity. It was first discovered in 1678 and has since been found all throughout the body, influencing cell functions such as growth, proliferation, and even stability. Fortunately, there are numerous external sources of spermidine, which can help to keep the body’s innate levels topped up. Whether through diet changes or high-quality supplements from Cibdol, the secret to a long and healthy life could come from powerful and pure spermidine.

What is spermidine?

Spermidine is a polyamine, a class of compounds that modulates cellular functions such as apoptosis, cell proliferation, and cell growth. These molecules are incredibly versatile as they can attach to virtually any cell in the body. In fact, some research suggests that spermidine not only influences specific organs such as the intestine, brain, and liver but may provide a general effect on cellular fitness and function. This full-body influence has caught the eye of researchers worldwide, with the compound playing a central role in longevity research.

Living a long and healthy life

The desire to live a long and healthy life is greater now more than ever. No matter your lifestyle or preferences, many of us would relish the chance to spend more time doing activities we love and embracing the people we care about. As such, scientists and wellness enthusiasts often turn to naturally occurring substances to bolster an already balanced lifestyle. While there's no denying that eating well and regular exercise are essential for longevity, it doesn't hurt to have support from promising compounds such as spermidine.

What foods are high in spermidine?

While spermidine exists throughout the body, levels diminish as we age. Fortunately, several foods are naturally rich in spermidine, and increasing your intake could bolster the compound's full-body influence. Foods to focus on include:

  • Cheese: To harness the most significant levels of spermidine in cheese, aged products may provide the most benefit. It's still important to enjoy cheese as part of a balanced diet, but the next time you consume cheddar or parmesan, you may well be bolstering your body's natural levels of spermidine.
  • Vegetables: It should come as no surprise that the quest for longevity includes eating several portions of fruits and vegetables. However, some of that benefit may be due to the abundance of spermidine in vegetables such as mushrooms, broccoli, and green peppers.
  • Cereals: If your chosen cereal contains wheat germ or buckwheat, it is one of the richest sources of external spermidine available. In fact, many spermidine supplements (including Cibdol's) use natural buckwheat as a premium source.

Increasing your intake of the foods highlighted above can help bolster your body's natural spermidine levels. However, focusing exclusively on specific food groups isn't always easy or convenient. This is when many people turn to daily supplementation to fill gaps in nutrition.

What is the role of spermidine?

A large part of spermidine's role in well-being concerns its influence on ageing mechanisms and other cell functions. However, don't expect to see definitive changes. According to preliminary research, the small changes happening deep within your body may gradually influence areas such as memory, inflammation, and skin.

  • Longevity: While longevity generally means increasing our lifespan, on a cellular level it refers, more specifically, to limiting mechanisms that inhibit or damage our cells. To increase longevity, we must find ways to slow or even stop this natural breakdown, and that often starts by examining a core component of our cells—mitochondria.

Even the aptly titled "powerhouse" of our cells is prone to problems, and sometimes mitochondria can mutate, leading to a decline in cell function. Interestingly, spermidine may help to stabilise or protect mitochondria, making it a compound of great importance for future longevity research.

  • Memory: Another integral part of spermidine's role in ageing and longevity is its regulation of autophagy—a process whereby dead or diseased cells are used to fuel the creation of new cells. Now, this process happens continuously without our intervention, but some studies suggest spermidine may help to regulate autophagy, leading to some fascinating prospects for brain spasticity and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Skin: The relationship between spermidine and younger-looking skin may revolve around its promotion of collagen and elastin production. Both are integral to the skin's health, and not only encourage healthy-looking skin but also drive improvements in skin structure to provide a stronger barrier against disease and infection.

What are the side effects of spermidine?

Since spermidine is a compound occurring naturally inside the body, the versatile polyamine exhibits few known adverse effects. Whether from food or supplementation, spermidine is well-tolerated, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a measured approach to consumption. It's far better to use spermidine to supplement a healthy and balanced lifestyle than as a replacement. As such, it’s wise to start with a low dose and increase your intake gradually to ensure you limit any potential side effects.

Innovation and longevity collide

To help you make the most of spermidine's vast influence, we expertly encapsulated 1mg inside each of our easy-to-swallow capsules. Derived from premium natural buckwheat, Spermidine from Cibdol promises an innovative and versatile approach to wellness that makes an excellent addition to existing supplement routines.

Moreover, we've ensured that each package contains a month's supply of spermidine supplements to make dosing straightforward. You can enjoy the extensive influence of high-quality spermidine without fear of unwanted additives or chemicals spoiling the experience.

How to use Cibdol’s Spermidine

For best results, take 2 capsules daily with a glass of water or juice. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Spermidine is an excellent addition to existing supplement routines.

Is it safe to take spermidine daily?

Because spermidine naturally occurs in both the body and several types of food, the risk of unwanted side effects is incredibly low. It appears well-tolerated, even when consumed as a concentrated supplement. However, if you have any concerns about increasing your intake of spermidine, discuss them with a doctor or physician for case-specific advice.

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Quantity 60 capsules
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