Cibdol And Karlien Sleper Take On The Monobob Circuit

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Women's monobob: a revolution for winter sports

Cibdol is immensely excited to announce our sponsorship of up-and-coming monobob star, Karlien Sleper. But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's find out more about this revolutionary winter sport, and how it's taking bobsleigh events to the next level.

If you've never heard of monobob, you're missing out! Making its debut at the Youth Olympic Games in 2016, it features a solo athlete and an exclusively designed monobob. However, what makes monobob different from the team event is that all athletes use the same design of bobsleigh.

This puts the difference between first, second, and third place firmly in the hands of the athletes. It's down to their skill and determination to navigate the course in the fastest time, rather than the advantage of superior aerodynamic design. The use of identical monobobs truly tests the capabilities of its athletes, while opening up the sport to women the world over.

A rising monobob star

One Dutch athlete taking monobob by storm is Karlien Sleper, who's not only winning medals, but breaking records too. With a background in track and field events, Karlien is used to the pressure of competing. Even so, her recent wins are nothing short of outstanding as she continues to prove she's a force to be reckoned with on the bobsleigh course.

Karlien's most recent success was at Park City, USA, where she was crowned winner of the fourth and fifth season races of the IBSF women's monobob series 2019/2020. However, she didn't just win the event at Park City, she set the current monobob track record, winning the first race in a stunning 54.47 seconds—1.18 seconds faster than her nearest rival!

Take a look at Karlien's Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and you'll soon see why her recent wins come as no surprise. All accounts feature photos and videos of her relentless training, both on and off the bobsleigh course. With the focus of monobob firmly on the athlete, recovery is crucial to keeping up with the requirements of this action-packed sport—that's where Cibdol comes in.

Photo: Jürg Röthlisberger

Cibdol is incredibly proud to sponsor Karlien's journey

Sponsoring Karlien was a simple decision. Not only is she a trailblazer of the monobob circuit, but she's flying the flag for female athletes everywhere. By teaming up, not only can we work together to raise awareness for this incredible sport and its athletes, but our golden-grade CBD can work behind the scenes to support Karlien's intensive training regime. We couldn't be more excited about the road ahead!

Speaking of the road ahead, the next two of eight women's monobob races will take place in March, with the final in April. And, if that wasn't exciting enough, women's monobob is now part of the Olympic programme at the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. Making its debut, there's no doubt the event will draw huge support from fans excited to see their favourite athletes on the world stage.

To succeed in monobob, it takes courage, determination, and self-belief, values that resonate with our own. We are incredibly humbled and honoured by Karlien's faith in Cibdol, and we cannot wait to see what the future of competitive monobob holds.

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