Does CBG oil help with panic attacks?


Panic attacks can be extremely frightening and disruptive. These sudden episodes of intense fear and anxiety should be properly evaluated by a medical professional. However, increasing attention is being paid to whether supplements like CBG oil could help manage panic attack symptoms. Here's an in-depth look at the evidence.

Does CBG oil help with panic attacks?

What are Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks are sudden surges of overwhelming fear, anxiety, and stress that peak within minutes. They can occur "out of the blue" or be triggered by certain situations. Symptoms include:

  • Pounding heart, chest pain
  • Sweating, chills
  • Tremors or shaking
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness
  • Fear of losing control or death
  • Numbness or tingling

Attacks typically peak within 10 minutes then subside. Their abruptness and severity can be extremely disruptive to daily functioning. Those experiencing recurrent attacks may have an anxiety disorder like panic disorder or PTSD.

Causes of Panic Attacks

Medical experts don't fully understand the origins of panic attacks. Likely contributors include:

  • Genetics – Family history correlates with higher risk.
  • Brain circuits – Hyperactive fear response and emotion centers.
  • Stress – Major life stressors can trigger attacks.
  • Medical conditions – Thyroid or heart problems may instigate attacks.
  • Substance use – Caffeine, cannabis, and drugs can act as triggers.
  • Trauma – Events like abuse, violence, or neglect predispose individuals.

While panic attacks have multiple complex causes, the root is dysregulation of brain systems that manage fear and stress response. This manifests in sudden episodes of surging anxiety with accompanying physical symptoms.

Traditional Panic Attack Treatments

There are several conventional treatment approaches for panic attacks:

  • Therapy – Cognitive behavioral therapy helps manage fearful thoughts and desensitize triggers.
  • Medications – SSRIs, benzodiazepines, and tricyclic antidepressants help stabilize mood and anxiety.
  • Lifestyle changes – Stress management, exercise, healthy sleep, and diet support wellbeing.
  • Emergency interventions – Anti-anxiety medications like lorazepam or grounding techniques can interrupt attacks.

Treatment also involves identifying any potential underlying medical conditions or substance triggers that may be contributing to episodes. A comprehensive, evidence-based approach provides the best management.

Exploring a Supplemental Approach With CBG

In addition to professional treatment, some individuals are exploring natural supplements like CBG oil to help manage panic attacks holistically. Here’s an overview of CBG and its potential applicability:

What is CBG?

  • Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp/cannabis.
  • It interacts with the human endocannabinoid system to produce various effects in the body and brain.
  • Early research shows CBG has promising anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuroprotective properties.

CBG effects relevant to panic attacks:

  • Reduces baseline anxiety and stress reactivity
  • Soothes muscle tension and pain symptoms
  • Normalizes neurotransmitter imbalances
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Well-tolerated with minimal side effects

While not a substitute for medical treatment, preliminary evidence suggests supplemental CBG could help manage panic attack symptoms. But what does current research actually indicate?

What Studies Reveal About CBG and Panic Attacks

Very few studies have looked specifically at CBG oil for panic attacks. However, findings on CBG for anxiety and related conditions offer clues:

  • Mice studies – CBG displayed anti-anxiety effects in animal models of PTSD and phobias. It improved coping ability and resilience.
  • Human trials – A small double-blind trial in 2020 found a single dose of CBG significantly reduced subjective anxiety compared to placebo in people with anxiety disorders.
  • Anecdotal reports – Many who use CBG oil say it subjectively provides relief from general anxiety and panicky feelings on a daily basis.
  • Safety data – Studies demonstrate CBG has a positive safety profile with mild side effects. It poses low risk of abuse or dependence.

While not definitive, the results suggest CBG affects biological pathways involved in anxiety and panic response. More direct human data specific to panic disorder is needed. But these preliminary findings provide some rationale for further exploring CBG oil for panic symptoms.

Potential Benefits of CBG Oil for Panic Attacks

CBG oil shows promise for the following potential benefits for managing panic attacks:

  • Preventing attacks – Taking daily CBG oil may help maintain lower baseline anxiety between attacks. This could reduce frequency.
  • Shortening attacks – CBG’s rapid calming effects may help curtail acute panic attacks once they occur.
  • Minimizing physical symptoms – CBG can relax muscles, ease pain, and normalize cardiovascular effects during attacks.
  • Blunting cognitive symptoms – By reducing anxiety and fear response, CBG may mitigate racing thoughts and instability.
  • Improving sleep – Better sleep quality could help minimize panic triggers like fatigue.
  • Enhancing other treatments – CBG may boost efficacy of therapies like CBT that require lowering stress reactivity.

Again, large-scale direct research on using CBG oil for panic attacks specifically is still lacking. But initial results are promising.

How to Use CBG Oil for Panic Attacks

If you're considering trying CBG oil, here are some tips for incorporating it into a panic attack treatment plan:

  • See your doctor first - Discuss using CBG oil to ensure it won't interact with any medications or conditions. Never replace medical treatment with supplements.
  • Watch your dosage - Start with low CBG doses like 5-10mg twice daily and gradually increase every few days if needed.
  • Record effects - Note any changes in panic attack frequency, severity, duration, etc. to optimize your protocol.
  • Take it consistently - Daily, sustained CBG oil use provides anxiety prevention between attacks.
  • Use strategically - Take CBG oil preventatively each morning. Have extra doses on hand to take acutely during attacks.
  • Combine methods - Use CBG oil alongside prescribed treatments and lifestyle changes for comprehensive effects.
  • Be patient - It may take a couple weeks of steady use to see CBG oil's anxiety-reducing benefits.

Using CBG oil responsibly under medical supervision may provide additional relief when incorporated thoughtfully into a panic attack treatment plan.

Considering Risks and Limitations of CBG Oil

While an emerging option, CBG oil has some important risks and limitations to consider:

  • Lack of direct research - Very few studies specifically examine CBG oil for panic attacks so effects can't be definitively confirmed. More direct data is needed.
  • Variable preparations - CBG oil products vary in quality, purity, source material, and dose. Therapeutic effects may differ.
  • Placebo effect - Perceived benefits could partially result from placebo effect rather than CBG's pharmacological actions. Comparative studies with blinding are needed to control for this.
  • Drug interactions - CBG oil may potentially interact with certain anti-anxiety medications, blood thinners, diabetes drugs, and more. Healthcare provider input is imperative.
  • Withdrawal effects - There is a lack of long-term safety data on CBG oil use. Suddenly stopping daily use may lead to rebound anxiety.

While an emerging supplemental option, CBG oil should not replace first-line medical treatments. Work closely with your doctor to weigh pros and cons. More research is critically needed.

Key Takeaways on CBG Oil and Panic Attacks

In summary, here are some key points to understand regarding CBG oil for panic attacks based on the current evidence:

  • Early preclinical and small human studies show CBG oil reduces anxiety, suggesting a potential therapeutic role.
  • Anecdotal reports from users also indicate benefits for minimizing daily anxiety and panic symptoms.
  • CBG oil could help prevent attacks by keeping baseline anxiety lower between episodes.
  • During acute attacks, CBG oil may help shorten duration and intensity by rapidly promoting calm.
  • Combining CBG oil with first-line therapies could enhance overall panic attack management.
  • However, large scale direct research specifically on CBG oil for panic attacks is still lacking.
  • Work closely with a doctor to carefully consider if CBG oil is appropriate as a supplemental approach for your needs.

While not a stand-alone solution, judicious CBG oil use under medical supervision may provide additional relief as part of a comprehensive panic attack treatment plan in appropriate candidates. More research is needed to confirm effects. Discuss with your doctor if it aligns with your specific symptoms, history and treatment regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBG oil addictive?

No, CBG oil does not produce intoxication or a "high", so it has low addiction potential. One study gave very high doses to rodents with no signs of drug-seeking behavior. However, long-term human data is lacking.

Can I vape CBG oil for faster anxiety relief?

Most experts don’t recommend vaping as it carries respiratory health risks. CBG oil placed under the tongue absorbs fairly rapidly. Vaping also gives uneven dosing as effects wear off quickly.

How much CBG oil should I take for panic attacks?

There is no standardized dose. Start with 10-25 mg CBG oil twice daily and gradually adjust up or down every few days as needed and as directed by your doctor. Pay attention to symptom changes.

Does CBG oil make you feel high or impaired?

No, CBG does not bind directly to cannabinoid receptors the way THC does, so it has no intoxicating effects. Users report feeling more focused and clear-headed. However, always assess how CBG makes you feel individually.

Can I take CBG oil along with my other anxiety medications?

It depends. CBG may inhibit certain liver enzymes so could potentially interact with anti-anxiety meds, antidepressants, blood thinners, and others. Check with your doctor about any supplement-drug interactions. Never discontinue prescribed meds.

Does CBG oil help with panic attacks? Conclusion

In conclusion, while very limited research exists specifically on CBG oil for panic attacks, preliminary studies on alleviating general anxiety provide a foundation suggesting CBG’s potential efficacy as a supplemental treatment approach. Anecdotal reports from users also indicate some benefits for preventing attacks and reducing symptoms. However, placebo-controlled trials directly examining CBG oil for panic disorder are still needed to better evaluate effectiveness and safety compared to standard protocols. Work with your doctor to determine if adding low-dose CBG oil to your treatment regimen could provide additional relief when combined appropriately with first-line therapies like CBT and SSRIs. While not a standalone solution, judicious CBG oil use may help smooth out anxiety peaks and valleys in panic disorder.

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