Does CBG oil lower blood pressure?


High blood pressure is a serious risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and other complications. This has many people wondering whether natural options like CBG oil can help lower blood pressure.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is an intriguing cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis generating interest for its therapeutic potential. Early research suggests CBG may offer blood pressure-lowering effects.

Let’s take an objective look at the current science on CBG oil for hypertension.

Does CBG oil lower blood pressure?

An Introduction to CBG

CBG stands for cannabigerol. It is actually considered the “parent” cannabinoid because most other cannabinoids like CBD and THC start out as CBG before taking different chemical forms.

While typically found in low concentrations, specialized breeding and extraction techniques now allow for the production of CBG-dominant oils, capsules, and other supplements.

Early studies indicate CBG may provide a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Neuroprotective effects
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved digestive function
  • Enhanced mood
  • Pain relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Antimicrobial properties

With CBG’s rising popularity, many are wondering if it can also help normalize blood pressure. Next we’ll analyze the scientific evidence.

Research Supporting CBG for Blood Pressure

Very minimal research exists exploring CBG oil specifically for blood pressure in humans. However, results from preclinical studies related to CBG’s mechanisms of action suggest it may have antihypertensive effects.

Vasodilator Properties

Studies show CBG displays vasodilator properties allowing it to relax constricted blood vessels. This effect of “opening” blood vessels decreases resistance and allows for better circulation.

Research finds CBG can stimulate receptors and pathways involved in vascular dilation like CB2, TRPV1, and nitric oxide signaling. Relaxing blood vessels may lower blood pressure.

Reduced Inflammation

Chronic inflammation damages blood vessel linings and contributes to hypertension. CBG demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties that may protect arteries.

Studies show CBG can reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines, suppress activation of inflammatory pathways like NF-kB, and decrease oxidative stress that triggers inflammation in vessels.

Improved Vascular Function

Beyond inflammation and dilation, CBG appears to enhance overall vascular function in other ways that could benefit blood pressure:

  • Reduces arterial plaque buildup
  • Improves artery elasticity and blood flow
  • Lowers vascular resistance
  • Protects endothelial cells

Diuretic Effects

Research indicates CBG may act as a diuretic, helping the body eliminate excess fluid and salt that can contribute to higher blood pressure. This adds another pathway by which CBG may lower BP.

While human studies are still needed, these observed effects make a compelling case for CBG’s antihypertensive potential.

Proposed Benefits of CBG Oil for High Blood Pressure

Based on the promising preclinical evidence that CBG can impact vascular function through multiple mechanisms, potential uses being investigated include:

Hypertension - CBG oil may help lower mildly elevated blood pressure into healthier ranges when combined with dietary and lifestyle changes. Talk to your doctor before using CBG oil.

Prehypertension - CBG oil could help those with prehypertensive blood pressure numbers avoid developing full hypertension when taken early.

Medication Adjunct - Under medical guidance, CBG oil may be able to enhance the blood pressure lowering effects of certain antihypertensive medications.

Lifestyle Aid - CBG oil could be a supplemental support for lifestyle measures like improving diet, increasing activity, reducing stress and losing weight to optimize blood pressure.

However, these applications require a great deal more research to confirm. CBG oil should never replace doctor-prescribed blood pressure treatments.

Optimal Use of CBG Oil for Blood Pressure Support

If using CBG oil with the goal of lowering blood pressure, some tips include:

  • Full Spectrum Oils - Full spectrum CBG retains other cannabinoids like CBD that may offer synergistic blood pressure benefits.
  • Sublingual Use - Holding CBG oil under the tongue before swallowing enhances absorption so effects reach circulation faster.
  • Consistent Daily Dosing - Steady CBG oil doses maximizes blood pressure regulation compared to sporadic use.
  • Added Lifestyle Changes - Combine CBG oil with dietary improvements, more activity, stress reduction and other positive BP habits.
  • Track Your Progress - Monitor your blood pressure regularly to see how it responds to adding CBG oil. Adjust doses and timing accordingly.

There are no established clinical guidelines yet for using CBG oil specifically for lowering blood pressure. Work closely with your physician if using CBG oil for any cardiovascular condition.

Is CBG Oil Safe for Blood Pressure?

According to available evidence, CBG oil has a very good safety profile for healthy adults when used responsibly. Potential side effects may include:

  • Lightheadedness - CBG may lower BP too much in some cases. Reduce doses if this occurs.
  • Drowsiness - Higher CBG doses can have sedative effects. Lower as needed.
  • Diarrhea - Usually caused by ingredients other than CBG. Try different products.
  • Dry mouth - Remains well hydrated to minimize dry mouth symptoms.

However, people taking blood pressure medications or blood thinners should use caution with CBG oil due to possible additive effects on lowering BP and thinning the blood.

Discuss using CBG oil with your doctor first if taking any hypertension or heart medications. Never adjust medication doses without medical supervision. Start with conservative CBG oil doses.

While considered safe for most people, those with blood disorders, low blood pressure, or hypotension should avoid CBG oil due to risks of reducing BP too far. Pregnant women should also refrain from using CBG products.

Does CBG oil lower blood pressure? Conclusion

In summary, early preclinical studies on CBG oil are incredibly promising and suggest CBG can relax blood vessels, reduce inflammation, improve vascular function, act as a diuretic, and lower blood pressure through multiple mechanisms.

However, large scale human trials are still needed to confirm CBG oil’s efficacy and safety for reducing elevated blood pressure, especially in those taking antihypertensive medications that could interact with CBG.

But given its favorable early safety profile, using CBG oil as a supplemental support for maintaining healthy BP levels in otherwise healthy adults is likely low risk according to available data.

While more robust research is warranted, current science indicates CBG oil may eventually play a role in supporting cardiovascular health. But always discuss using CBG products with your doctor, especially if managing any medical conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBG Oil for Blood Pressure

Here are answers to some common questions about using CBG oil for blood pressure support:

How long does it take for CBG oil to lower blood pressure?

At appropriate doses, most people notice subtle blood pressure-lowering effects from CBG oil within 1-2 hours as it starts interacting with vascular pathways. However, the peak BP-lowering effects likely take 2-4 weeks of sustained use to fully develop. Have patience and stay consistent.

What’s the best CBG oil dose for blood pressure?

There are no standardized dosing guidelines for CBG oil and blood pressure. However, most experts suggest an incremental approach, starting with just 5-10mg of CBG one to two times per day and increasing slowly as needed and tolerated. Doses exceeding 50mg per day might raise side effect risks.

Can you take CBG oil while on blood pressure medications?

It’s best to avoid combining CBG oil with prescription blood pressure medications unless approved and monitored by your physician. CBG could potentially enhance the effects of antihypertensives, leading to hypotension. Never adjust or discontinue medications without medical supervision.

Does CBG oil also thin the blood like CBD oil?

Yes, early research suggests CBG oil shares some of the same anticoagulant effects as CBD, meaning it may thin the blood in a similar manner. This could heighten risks of bruising or bleeding events if combined with blood thinners. Use any CBG products with caution if taking anticoagulant medications.

Can CBG oil really lower blood pressure or is that just hype?

The vasodilating effects and improvements in vascular function linked to CBG oil are strongly supported by preclinical evidence. So while human data is still limited, the preliminary research gives good biological basis to suggest CBG oil can, indeed, lower blood pressure in some individuals. But larger scale clinical trials are still needed.

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