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Sleep & Recover

DuoCap with Melatonin and Valerian

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Features & benefits:

Wake up fresh
A gradual and time released availability of ingredients due to Duocap®
Reduce time to fall asleep due to melatonin
Valerian & passionflower, for a natural and good sleep*
Ideal for recovery of temporal decreased sleep quality
Vegan product

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Only restful sleep from beginning to end

A straightforward approach to a complete night’s sleep

When life’s disruptions keep you up at night, turn to Sleep & Recover from Cibdol. Using time-released DUOCAP® technology, the natural ingredients not only help you fall asleep, but stay asleep. Whether it’s the pressure of deadlines at work or temporary distractions at home, the melatonin-infused formula helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.

Humectant (Glycerol); Plant Based Capsule (HPMC); Herbs; L-Tryptophan; Aqua; Bulking Agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose); Vitamins; Melatonin; Coloring Agent (Natural Purple Carrot Concentrate).
Ingredients per DuoCap
Compounds mg %RI
Valeriana Officinalis L. Root Extract 80 -
Passiflora Incarnata L. Extract 10 -
Vitamin B6 1,4 100
L-Tryptophan 80 -
Melatonin 0,99 -

Instructions: For best results, take 1 DuoCap® 30-60 minutes before sleep. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Content: 60 DuoCaps, 60 daily doses (1 DuoCap = daily dose)

Storage: Cool, dark and dry and between 15 - 25°C

Shelf life: 6 months after opening


Art.no: CIBD0084 EAN 7640178660847

Packaging: Jar in cardboard box

Materials: Cardboard FSC certified

Short-term relief from life’s distractions

Life is full of temporary distractions, and these disruptions can prevent your body from getting the restful sleep it needs. With vegan-friendly Sleep & Recover capsules from Cibdol, we’ve harnessed the natural influence of valerian, passionflower, melatonin, vitamin B6, and L-tryptophan. Not only do these ingredients blend harmoniously, but the time-released DUOCAP® technology ensures a gradual release—for help falling asleep and staying asleep.

Infused with melatonin, Sleep & Recover helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Despite being a naturally occurring hormone, several factors can disrupt melatonin production, which is when supplements can step in to help. The influence of melatonin is perfectly paired with vitamin B6 to support a reduction in tiredness and fatigue when you wake.

Sleep and Recover capsule

How does it work?

DUOCAP® technology ensures you get the rest you deserve from the beginning of the night to the end. Positioned as a complete sleep supplement, Sleep & Recover is ideal for restoring temporary dips in sleep quality. One capsule daily is all it takes to guide your body into a restful slumber.

The all-natural blend of botanicals, melatonin, and essential vitamin B6 ensures your body has everything it needs to restore balanced sleep. From when you fall asleep to when you wake, Sleep & Recover works seamlessly, combating the disruptions of modern living.

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After a hard day at work

After physical activity

After several sleepless nights

After intense concentration

When you lack energy

*Melatonin contributes to the reduction of time taken to fall asleep. Vitamin B6 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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