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  • The Importance Of Ensuring Hemp Is Organic

    July 28th, 2016

    Making sure the hemp in your products is organic keeps things clean, pure and ecologically friendly -so always check! Although it would be nice to think most hemp is organic, it is not.

  • Looking At Cannabinoids: What Is CBG?

    July 20th, 2016

    Our CBD oil contains a whole array of cannabinoids, not just CBD! We take a look at CBG, one of the lesser known cannabinoids, and explore its function.

  • How To Properly Store CBD Oil

    July 4th, 2016

    Storing your Cibdol CBD Oil correctly is important, yet it is something easy to overlook. Here is a quick guide to how to do it, and why.

  • Why NFL Players Are Pushing For More Research On CBD

    June 22nd, 2016

    Research surrounding CBD is throwing up more and more interesting possibilities. Not to miss a trick, a pioneering group of athletes is now pushing to investigate it for sports injuries.

  • Can Hemp Help Treat Eczema And Other Skin Conditions?

    June 14th, 2016

    Hemp based can be a great way to supplement skin health, but how do they do when it comes to skin conditions like eczema?

  • Why Cibdol Is Used Under The Tongue

    June 3rd, 2016

    Ever wondered why some oils are best taken under the tongue? There is a good reason, so we thought we would take a closer look to help shed some light.

  • CBD Oil versus Hemp Oil

    December 18th, 2014

    Over the past decades, we have seen the attitudes towards marijuana change from a prohibition mindset to a more lax, and decriminalised mindset. While it is still illegal in Europa for consumption, the law is becoming more lax and often times only results in a fine. Across the pond in the United States, many states have legalised the medicinal use and some have even legalised recreational use.

  • What Is The Difference Between CBD and THC?

    December 10th, 2014

    CBD stands for Cannabidiol and THC stands for tetrahydrocannabidiol. They are both key ingredients in marijuana plants. Cannabinoids are a unique class of compounds and both CBD and THC belong to this class. High THC strains are common when it comes to marijuana but strains with high CBD are rare. The following are a few key differences found between CBD and THC.

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