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  • Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc
  • Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc
  • Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc
  • Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc
  • Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc
  • Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc
  • Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc
  • Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc

Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc

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Support your body's first defence against infections and viruses with Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc from Cibdol. A healthy, balanced immune system is crucial in combating disease and feeling at your best day after day. Our exclusive blend of vitamin C, vitamin D3, and zinc ensures your body has everything it needs to defend itself.

Mood Booster

The daily boost your
immune system deserves

Few bodily systems are more critical than the immune system. Not only does it work tirelessly to protect you, but it is your first line of defence against infections, viruses, and diseases. That's why we formulated our daily Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc supplement—to bolster your immune system and protect cells from oxidative stress, so you can feel at your best.

Combining these capsules with our CBD Immune Booster ensures an all-encompassing approach to well-being, supporting immune function from all angles.

Vitamins; Bulking Agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose); Stabiliser (Gum Arabic); Plant Based Capsule and Beadlets (HPMC); Minerals; Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin); Binder (Ethyl Cellulose); Carrier (Cyclodextrin).
Ingredients per hardcap
Compounds MG %RI
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 250 313
Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 7,5 75
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 14mcg 275

Instructions: For best results, take 1–2 capsules daily with a glass of water. Avoid chewing individual hardcaps.

Content: 60 doses (1 hardcap = 1 daily dose)

Storage: Cool, dark and dry and between 15 - 25°C

Shelf life: 6 months after opening

Characteristics CIBD0078

Packaging: Jar in cardboard box

Materials: Cardboard FSC certified

Maintaining wellness harmony

Vitamin C Zinc D3 wellness

Alongside maintaining the balance your body craves, strengthening your immune system is one of the best ways to bolster your well-being in the face of the unknown.

Whether supporting an already functioning immune system or topping up the body's levels of zinc and vitamin D, our natural supplement is a fantastic addition to your daily supplement routine.

The trifecta of everyday wellness

On their own, vitamin C, vitamin D3, and zinc play crucial roles in dozens of bodily functions. Combining these beneficial compounds with liposomes sets Cibdol supplements apart from the competition and ensures a premium wellness experience in every capsule.

From the influence on oxidative stress to the support of normal immune system functioning, there's never been a better way to encourage everyday wellness than with vitamin C and zinc. Backed up by the wellness-boosting impact of vitamin D and liposomes, your immune system will have the support it needs to take on the challenges ahead.

Why Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc?

Support one of the body’s most important defences—the immune system—with Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc. This sophisticated blend of essential vitamins and minerals not only helps to fill gaps in nutrition, but it ensures your body has the resources it needs to combat disease, infections, and viruses.

vitamin C D3 Zinc

“Boost your immune system and
strengthen your defences”

What are the benefits of Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc?

Vitamin C

Well-known for its influence on the immune system, vitamin C not only helps to boost immunity, but it acts as a potent antioxidant, helping to neutralise harmful free radicals. Adding vitamin C to your diet with naturally rich foods or supplements is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system. In short, vitamin C is a critical player in your health and wellness journey.

Vitamin D3

Referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”, D3 is crucial to a balanced and robust immune system. This role becomes even more important during winter months when the body’s usual source of vitamin D3—natural sunlight—is in short supply. Keeping vitamin D levels topped up supports your immune system, bone health, and muscle function for an all-encompassing impact on well-being.


Its role in white blood cell production and immune system regulation puts zinc at the top of the list of essential wellness minerals. Although the body only needs small amounts of zinc to fulfil these functions, balanced mineral levels are often lacking in modern diets. Getting enough zinc from food sources or supplements is a very good way to bolster your immune system.

Overcoming issues with absorption

Vitamin C: A water-soluble vitamin

Although vitamin C is easily absorbed in the small intestine, large amounts can trigger gastrointestinal issues while also impacting the absorption of other minerals. A balanced intake is crucial, with 200mg considered the absorption limit.

Vitamin D3: A fat-soluble vitamin

Being fat-soluble, the absorption rate of vitamin D3 varies based on how much fat there is in your diet. This interaction can also mean that people with genetic or health conditions must consume more to experience the same benefit.

Zinc: A fat and water-soluble mineral

Zinc may be fat and water-soluble, but the mineral has much greater diminishing returns compared to vitamin D3 or vitamin C. This means that as you consume more, the absorption rate actually drops, so it helps to take zinc alongside a meal containing animal protein to mitigate the natural decline.

Combining vitamin C, D3, and zinc

Given the variables of absorption, dosage, and vitamin ratios, balancing all three elements is incredibly challenging. When vitamin C and zinc levels increase, they can negatively affect the uptake of other vitamins and minerals.

A carefully curated formula is crucial to ensure you experience all the wellness benefits without the potential for adverse interactions.

Improving efficacy and utilization

By enhancing absorption and reducing interactions it is possible to optimize the effects of the ingredients.

LargeIntestinesSmall Intestinesis stored in the bones of our skeletonMajor site for absorption of all types of vitamines and mineralsMaximum absorption

Enhancing well-being
with the power of liposomes

By embracing pharmaceutical-grade liposomes, our Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc formula overcomes possible
issues with absorption, dosage, and vitamin ratios to deliver the support your immune system deserves.

Enhanced absorption
The protective lipid layer helps to prevent the degradation of active ingredients as they travel through the body. The result? The body can make use of a greater concentration of nutrients.

Improved efficacy
Controlling the release of active ingredients not only improves the effectiveness of our immune-boosting supplement, but it ensures consistent and efficient absorption.

Reduced interactions
Working alongside our sophisticated vitamin C, D3, and zinc formula, liposomes reduce the potential for adverse interactions, making them a more practical option.

Optimal uptake
Liposomal formulas deliver active ingredients to exactly where they need to be, allowing cells to absorb them directly, and providing maximum benefit for your immune system.

Liposomes add the finishing touches to a formula that offers total support for your immune system. Their influence not only improves the absorption and utilisation of active ingredients, but it ensures Vitamin C, D3 + Zinc is the most effective and reliable choice for your body.

Mood Booster

Straightforward and convenient

immune booster capsule
  • Supports the maintenance of strong bones
  • Plays a crucial role in cell renewal
  • Encourages protein building
  • Assists with the normal balance of water or minerals
  • Bolsters normal muscle function
  • Contributes to the maintenance of strong teeth
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