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  • Lactose Support
  • Lactose Support
  • Lactose Support
  • Lactose Support

Lactose Support

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Enjoy dairy products to the fullest with Lactose Support from Cibdol. Our high-quality supplement aids in the digestion of milk sugars, making it ideal for individuals that have difficulty digesting lactose naturally. Each tablet is easy to chew and comes packed with 50mg of lactase enzyme, equivalent to 5000 FCC/ALU.


Embrace the foods you love

With roughly 65% of the world’s population having difficulty processing lactose, support from essential lactase enzymes is crucial to enjoying dairy products to the fullest. With Lactose Support from Cibdol, you can experience 50mg of high-quality lactase enzyme per tablet—ideal for people who have difficulty digesting milk sugar (lactose) in the intestines.

Your favourite foods are waiting for you

Dairy products don’t have to incite fear and discomfort. Instead, support from lactase enzymes can help to break down milk sugars, supporting people with an intolerance, no matter how mild. Whether it’s enjoying a bowl of ice cream, indulging in extra cheese on a pizza, or simply adding milk to coffee, Lactose Support helps you to enjoy dairy products without guilt.

Regain control of your physical well-being

Get the support you need to make lactose intolerance manageable. Alongside a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Lactose Support can get you back to enjoying the foods you love, and help you find joy in eating with friends and family.

Wherever and whenever they're needed, our easy-to-chew tablets are perfect for individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose. The powerful blend, equivalent to 5000 FCC/ALU, is primed to support the breakdown of lactose and give you the confidence you need to embrace a life full of great-tasting food, and even better company.

How to use Cibdol’s Lactose Support

For best results, take 1–2 chewable tablets with water shortly before eating/drinking lactose-containing food/drink. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Quantity 60 capsules
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