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Joint Comfort

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Features & benefits:

Good for cartilage in joints (Manganese)
For comfortable & supple joints (Boswellia & Zingiber)*
Contributes to collagen formation & cartilage function (Vitamin C)
Copper contributes to normal connective tissues
With the unique Mitidol® voor a quick result (after 10 days)

Embrace the joy of movement with Joint Comfort from Cibdol. No matter your circumstances, movement is crucial to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so we’ve carefully blended vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and the unique Mitidol® extract to encourage comfortable and supple joints in as little as ten days.*


Let movement bring you joy, not discomfort

Don’t let stiff or sensitive joints stop you from living a movement-filled life. Joint Comfort helps to restore your love for movement with its unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and plant-based extracts. No matter your circumstances, the all-natural formula can help put a spring in your step, empowering you to start each day with supple and comfortable joints.*

The importance of staying active

Regardless of age or lifestyle, staying active significantly benefits your mental and physical health. However, as we age, or as the result of a sporting injury, joints can begin to stiffen, impacting our quality of life. The delicate blend inside Joint Comfort works with your body to support connective tissue, cartilage, and collagen formation, encouraging the mobility you deserve.

Nature and innovation collide

Joint Comfort harnesses the vast influence of manganese, copper, vitamin C, and Boswellia extract to not only encourage supple joints, but bolster the delicate cartilage and connective tissue surrounding joints. However, we’ve taken the all-natural formula one step further, adding the fast-acting Mitidol® extract, a unique combination of two botanical extracts: Zingiber officinale and Acmella oleracea.

With results in as little as ten days, there’s never been a better time to fall in love with the joy of movement. The sophisticated Joint Comfort formula works alongside your body, ensuring you can move freely without discomfort. Experience the plant-based power of Joint Comfort today!

How to use Cibdol Joint Comfort

For best results, take one capsule twice daily, preferably during or shortly after a meal.

*Health claim pending European approval

Dosage 1 capsule / 2 x a day
Quantity 60 capsules
Form Capsules
Vegan Yes
Category Relief
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