Made in Swiss laboratory

The Global Innovation Index is an annual ranking of countries by their capacity for innovation. Switzerland stays firmly in first place. High labour specialization, security, foreign investments, and a culture of respect for the client has made Switzerland a country to work and develop in line no other.

From Basel with love

Based in Basel, the heart of European pharmaceutical production and research, we at Cibdol take this philosophy to heart. Being a centre for pharmaceutical and biotech pursuits, we have direct links to the industry and a highly-specialised lab for the production of our CBD oil. The result is range of CBD supplements currently unrivalled in quality.

Everyone in our lab has a passion for CBD; we are a small team dedicated to making a rich and consistent product. It requires an in-depth knowledge and specialist equipment, but that’s what makes Cibdol so special. The combination of passion, knowledge and the right equipment takes Cibdol to the next level. It may push up the production cost, but it is a price to pay for the best CBD oil available.

The lab

Our lab consists of everything needed to professionally produce CBD to rigorous Swiss standards. We make our oil in a professional, custom-tailored lab that meets the expectations of the bio-tech industry and staffed by experienced chemists and lab technicians. All of our equipment is state of the art, and strict hygiene and quality regulations are adhered to, ensuring unrivalled production.

The Swiss approach

This “Swiss approach” perfectly matches Cibdol’s philosophy and regard towards our clients. That notorious precision, reliability and imperative compliance to regulations and laws is what we always stick to when formulating new products or extracting essential oils for a new batch of our already well-known tinctures.

While embracing the Swiss approach to regulation, supervision, production and lab testing, we are committed to a complete traceability and transparency of our products and processes. Cibdol products are made only with the finest ingredients and latest scientific methods, going through a rigorous quality control process where we control and trace each step of production. We also consider it mandatory for each batch of CBD we produce to be accredited and tested by a third-party, backing up our claims and giving our customers peace of mind.

As we are based in Switzerland, it guarantees that our extract always complies with both Swiss and European Union laws. This means that an optimal conservation practice was used during transport and storage, and that the raw materials are all certified in their origin.