CBD Oil 30% (2760mg)

  • CBD Oil 30% (2760mg)
  • CBD Oil 30% (2760mg)
  • CBD Oil 30% (2760mg)
  • CBD Oil 30% (2760mg)
  • CBD Oil 30% (2760mg)
  • CBD Oil 30% (2760mg)
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The 30% full-spectrum CBD oil from Cibdol is a maximum strength solution for outstanding support. Feel the benefit of our full-spectrum formula, as the sophisticated blend of cannabinoids and terpenes work together to bolster your wellbeing. And, with every bottle independently tested and verified, you can experience the influence of CBD with complete confidence.


Ultimate Strength for a Full-Spectrum of Benefits

If you’re well-accustomed to the effects of CBD, but require a high strength dose, then look no further than our 30% formula. A diverse selection of cannabinoids and terpenes ensure a full-spectrum of benefits without the risk of unwanted side effects. And, by using an olive oil carrier, you gain the advantage of improved absorption and taste.

Cibdol delivers total peace of mind by independently testing every batch of CBD. And, thanks to state of the art machinery, all oils undergo CO₂ extraction, decarboxylation and purification for industry-leading levels of quality in every bottle. When you need the most substantial dose of high-quality CBD, choose Cibdol’s CBD Oil 30%.

How to use Cibdol natural CBD Oil 30%

Every bottle of 30% CBD Oil includes a convenient dropper, making consumption simple. The recommended dose is 3–4 drops up to three times a day. Drops can be taken either on or under the tongue.

Cibdol CBD oil is perishable, so for best results, store the bottle in a cool, dry, and dark place after opening.

How to take CBD Oil

*Not detectable by HPLC-UV analytical method (detection limit 10 ppm) on semi-finished product. In Cibdol CBD oils <0.05%.

Dosage 3 - 4 drops / 3 x a day
Instructions Shake well before use. Allow to remain under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.
Conserve Cool, dark and dry
Shelf life 6 Months after opening
CBD Content 13,8mg / drop
Ingredients Olive oil, hemp extract, terpenes
Color Gold/Yellow
Percentage CBD 30%
Carrier Olive oil
Form Oil
Gluten-free Yes
Vegan Yes
حلال - Halal Yes
Allergen information None
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