Introducing Stay Asleep Capsules

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Stay Asleep Capsules

Sleep is fundamental to our physical and mental well-being. Without healthy sleep, our body wouldn’t have the time it needs to repair cells, process information, restore energy, and more. If you’re someone that finds it easy to fall asleep, but challenging to stay asleep, then our Stay Asleep Capsules could be just what you need.

Introducing Stay Asleep Capsules from Cibdol

Stay Asleep Capsules join our expanding sleep range, designed to support your body when you need it most—during sleep. The exclusive formula uses the combined prowess of CBD, CBN, hops, and 5-HTP to help your body on numerous fronts.

By carefully encapsulating this sophisticated blend of natural ingredients, we’ve created a daily supplement that can support your sleep goals. Taking 1–3 capsules shortly before bed not only provides a soothing effect, but contributes to healthy sleep.

How do Stay Asleep Capsules support healthy sleep?

We’ve carefully selected several ingredients to work in unison with the bodily functions needed to promote good sleep. Stay Asleep Capsules contain:

• CBD (12.5mg): Golden-grade CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to encourage balance between our essential biological systems.
• CBN (12.5mg): Expertly isolated to work alongside CBD, providing an all-encompassing approach to sleep.
• Hops: Hops are flowers derived from a natural plant species that contain a sophisticated blend of terpenes.
• 5-HTP: Supports the body’s production of serotonin to regulate functions such as sleep and appetite.

Together, these elements work harmoniously to support the body from head to toe, guiding you gently into healthy sleep.

A better tomorrow starts with great sleep today

Getting a restful night’s sleep is about practising good sleep hygiene and living a balanced lifestyle. However, with the challenges of modern living, we could all do with a helping hand when it comes to staying asleep. Stay Asleep Capsules do precisely that, supporting your body when you need it most to get the rest you deserve.

Alongside subtle changes in your sleep habits, Stay Asleep Capsules can help you have a better tomorrow by starting with a great night’s sleep tonight. Get yours today and experience the power of CBD.

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