What Are The Benefits Of Liposomes As Carriers Of CBD?

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With the desire for CBD at an all-time high, making the best possible product is the number one priority. The key to that aim lies in something so small you would need a microscope to appreciate its beauty. The custodians of this focus are none other than liposomes, microscopic phospholipids, that can form a protective barrier around vital ingredients, increasing their absorption into the body.

In this case, the ingredient in question is CBD. Using state-of-the-art scientific processes, the manipulation of these liposomes has allowed us to engineer a superior product. A product that allows significantly higher efficiency of CBD absorption, preventing a breakdown in the gastrointestinal tract.

What are liposomes?

First discovered in 1961 by Alec D. Bangham and R.W. Horne, their viability as a non-toxic means of targeted drug delivery was not fully realized until 1965. Liposomes are sphere-shaped vesicles consisting of one or more phospholipid bilayers. Liposomes are used in a variety of fields (physics, biophysics and chemistry), but it is their ability to deliver active molecules to the site of action, that makes them the perfect partner for CBD.

This bilayer created by the liposomes acts as a barrier, protecting the molecules located within. This is because they contain both a hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail. The heads bind to liquids whereas the tails are adverse to liquids. Through a process of sonication or extrusion, scientists can form a bubble or bilayer around liquid molecules, protecting them from the digestive system. Rather than being dissolved in the stomach and taking time to work their way to the area required, they travel safely through the digestive tract and can be absorbed into the intestinal membrane. This vastly improves not only the speed of absorption, but the potency as well.

Unfortunately, it is not until even more recently, that the nutraceutical industry has started to adopt liposomes as a means to increase the bioavailability of nutrients and drugs. The final feather in the cap for liposomes is there are virtually no adverse effects from absorbing them into our bodies. They are non-toxic, non-immunogenetic and both biodegradable and biocompatible. The only downside is the requirement for them to be prepared artificially in a lab.

What Are The Benefits Of Liposomes

Absorption and solubility

The partnership between liposomes could not be more iconic. CBD represents the newcomer to the field, with users looking to make the most of the health benefits it has to offer. Liposomes offer the perfect conduit for this, offering safe passage inside the body to make sure the full benefit is received. Specifically, the advantages of this means of absorption results in CBD reaching cells in their purest form. This increases the potency, lowering the dosage required and utilizing liposomes is one of the very few methods, that protect the CBD from being partially destroyed by digestive enzymes.

CBD has already proven a high level of efficacy when used in strong doses. Its accumulation in the cells further reinforces the positive health benefits it has to offer. Many users claim the cannabinoid has helped them with reducing inflammation, reduced anxiety, stress relief, and aiding restful sleep. A study conducted in 2003 using CBD to reduce rheumatic diseases in rats found, that repeated use on the area affected leads to a significant reduction in inflammation. If this same principle is applied internally, the protective shield, that the liposomes offer, can ensure the CBD reaches the necessary cells, improving the success rate.

The hydrophobic nature of CBD is another reason why the pairing with liposomes is a match made in heaven. Because CBD does repel water, it can be directly combined with the liposomes during vesicle formation, often achieving a trapping effectiveness of 100%. None of the CBD is lost or damaged during this process, leading to a far superior product for the customer. Efficacy rates have been vastly improved.

CBD liposomes

New product launch: 2.5% and 4% CBD liposomes

Made using 100% naturally grown hemp, both the 2.5% and 4% CBD oils available from Cibdol represent the best in CBD purity and quality. Thanks to a proprietary purification process performed in Swiss laboratories, the purity and consistency are ensured from bottle to bottle. The golden oil contained within every bottle is a sign of this perfected process. Some lower grade CBD oils often come in black oil form, bringing with them reduced potency and an inability to guarantee purity from bottle to bottle.

Given that this product is already market-leading, how could we possibly improve upon it? The answer lies in the aforementioned topic, liposomes. The newest range from Cibdol features integration of liposomes into our already well established 2.5% and 4% CBD oils. This affiliation between the two leads to higher potency in each drop as none of the CBD is destroyed by your digestive enzymes. An improvement in the absorption of the CBD is also accomplished. This can potentially reduce the amount needed by consumers to achieve an optimal dose, making the lower strength oils highly efficient.



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