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At Cibdol, we believe in delivering gold standard CBD products. That is why every part of the manufacturing process is subject to rigorous product quality testing. Not only do we integrate quality and product safety at all levels, but processes are regularly reviewed. Annual adjustments are recorded in clear and concise action plans with the primary focus of delivering best-in-class customer satisfaction.


For complete peace of mind and product confidence, Cibdol’s food safety system is annually audited by a certified body. In-line with the FSSC22000 standard (version 4.0), Cibdol is proud to display its food safety certificates. If you have any questions about the certification process, contact us at [email protected].

Cibdol quality FSSC certificate


The Halal certification has been a proud part of select Cibdol products since 2019. In Arabic, Halal is the word for legal or permitted. In accordance with Islamic teachings, everything deemed Halal is good for people, animals, the environment, and society. These ideologies mirror Cibdol’s own focus on harnessing the therapeutic potential of CBD for the benefit of our customers, and sustainably cultivating hemp.

The qualification "Halal" is not only limited to food or meat, nor is it exclusive to hygiene. However, sanitation is a significant factor in the conditions needed to award a Halal certification, and one Cibdol treats with the utmost respect.

The Cibdol CBD oils listed in the appendix of our Halal certificate have been approved according to Islamic food laws. Every year, Cibdol is reassessed by an auditor from Halal International Control (HIC) to ensure the products listed continue to meet the required production standards.

Cibdol halal certificate

We are very proud to have a CO2 neutral website.


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