Privacy Policy

Privacy is important. Not just on a transactional level, but also in terms of the personal information you trust us with. For this reason, we at Cibdol take privacy and the security around it very seriously. Please see below for details on our Privacy Policy:

Information We Collect

There is certain information we require in order to process a transaction. This will include at least your name, address and payment details. Without them, we can neither accept your payment, nor send anything out to you.

As you browse Cibdol, we automatically receive general browsing information, such as what browser and operating system you use, as well as how you interact with our site. This allows us to see what is, and what is not working on our site, and make continual improvements. This information is not stored on an individual basis – we do not look how specific individuals are interacting with our site, but how the site is being used as a whole.

With your express permission, we may occasionally send you offers or newsletters by email. However, we will never do this unless you specifically sign up for it, and even then, we will never send you spam – we hate it just as much as you do…


To ensure that all information is kept safe, all of your information is kept securely on encrypted servers.

No mention of Cibdol will ever appear on you bank statement or delivery packaging.

Your Consent

By using, or by making a purchase from us, you consent to have the required information collected and securely stored. This information is only used for processing orders. You will never receive offers or newsletters from us without your express permission.

Third Parties

We never share your information with third parties for marketing purposes. The only time your information is given to any third part is to fulfil your order. For example, we are required to give your address to the courier so that they can deliver you package.

On occasion, Cibdol may feature a link to a third party website. Cibdol is not responsible, nor has any control of the content of third party websites, nor do they necessarily have a similar Privacy Policy to us. Before interacting with any third party, ensure you are aware of their Privacy Policy.


Cookies are small bits of information that tell your computer about previous interactions with our website. They are stored on your hard drive, not our website. Basically, when you use our website, your computer will show us its cookies, telling our site if you have used it before. This allows our site to operate faster, as well as remember things you have told it to, such as your username, to make it more convenient for you.

Cookies are also used in conjunction with google to analyse the efficiency of any averts we may run, as well help monitor how the site is interacted with.

Age of Consent

By using, you agree that you are either of an appropriate age, or have the consent of a responsible caregiver.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy at any time, so please ensure you check it frequently.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.