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Whatever our differences, deep down we all want to live joyful, fulfilling lives. At Cibdol, we recognise this unity through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its power to help support our nervous and immune systems. CBD supplements are the key to the vast series of locks that make up our ECS. Packed full of vitamins, and so much more, unlock your true potential by buying our CBD Supplements today.


CBD, Melatonin and vitamins

The importance of melatonin cannot be ignored either, especially with the hectic nature of modern life, long working hours, and widespread use of blue light-emitting devices.

Vitamins, for instance, can’t be synthesised by the body and must be introduced via food or supplements.This contains the purest organic CBD, vitamins, minerals, and natural fruit flavours, in a liposomal suspension. Which will enhance the already beneficial action of CBD in a complete daily dosage.

Similarly, the all-important sleep hormone melatonin must first be synthesised by the pineal gland to help maintain our circadian (day-night) and circannual (seasonal) rhythms.

In our commitment to develop products that vivify and support the human organism, Cibdol introduces Meladol and CBD with Vitamins to positively affect a number of biological systems.

Meladol by Cibdol

External influences can disrupt melatonin production, thereby disrupting sleep. The blue light of technology and bright screens after sunset can make it especially difficult to “turn off”. Not to mention, anxiety, stress, and poor diet can all impact melatonin production and distribution.

Melatonin is carried by the circulatory system to the rest of the body, stimulating melatonin receptors. This tells the body it is nighttime, and therefore, time to go to sleep. CBD oil is a natural anxiolytic that supports and deeper and more restful sleep. Meladol is a liposomal suspension of CBD and melatonin. This synergistic creation by Cibdol helps promote a better sleep-wake cycle in a number of ways, providing a supplemental dose of melatonin for those struggling to fall asleep at night and those who lack energy during the day.

The liposomal nature of this formula equates to direct delivery of active ingredients to the cells and tissues that need them. Furthermore, liposomes shield these ingredients from degradation by the digestive system, allowing for greater bioavailability of both CBD and melatonin. This liquid supplement is easy to take and just as easy for your body to absorb. All-natural Meladol will ease agitated tossing and turning at night, without the nasty side effects associated with prescription sleep aids. Help the body maintain its natural rhythm while calming an overstimulated nervous system with Meladol. Enjoy calm, restful sleep at night and energy-filled, stress-free days.

Cibdol vitamins with CBD

Also available in groundbreaking liposomal formulations are our new Cibdol CBD with Vitamins. We’ve amped up the dietary potential of our CBD products, introducing liquid supplements that combine the therapeutic benefits of CBD with the nutritious potential of various vitamins. Liposomes allow for near-immediate absorption and greater quality of active ingredients at cells and tissues.
Vitamins are used by the body in a number of ways and must be regularly replenished. Cell creation and division, maintaining healthy eyesight and lung function, and fighting off disease would all be impossible without vitamins.
CBD helps the body maintain homeostasis by modulating mitochondrial membrane function. The B group of vitamins performs a similar function. CBD is a powerful antioxidant that can extend cell life. Vitamins C, D, and E are also powerful antioxidants that act on different mechanisms. Absorbed directly by the body’s cells, CBD and vitamins present a synergistic prowess that endows them with a broader spectrum of functions and benefits.