CBD And The Health Of Your Pet: Your Best Friend's Best Friend

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CBD And The Health Of Your Pet

Scientists and medical professionals have discovered that CBD, a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa species and its derivatives, has no psychoactive qualities and interacts with regions of the brain and body involved in pain and stress relief. CBD products are sold safely as dietary supplements around the globe because of their unique properties, and users praise the effects.

There is even research to suggest that veterinary patients may enjoy the many benefits of CBD products as well. Some individuals find it useful and appropriate to add CBD to their pet’s medical routine, and it is hard to ignore the claims about how these products can improve the quality of life for one’s beloved animals. However, it is necessary to be informed on how CBD works for your pet before trying it out.

CBD and your pet

To understand how CBD works, it is essential to know how cannabinoids interact with animal bodies. There are many similarities between the physiology of humans and their cats, dogs, and other domestic animals. Such similarities between people and their pets are reflected in their responses to CBD.

Naturally-occurring cannabinoids are found in the body all the time. Not just in humans, but in cats, dogs, rodents, and birds too. All vertebrates have a system in their body that reacts to these chemicals. These compounds produced by the body are called “endocannabinoids” or endogenous cannabinoids. The system sensitive to their effects is called the endocannabinoid system.

CBD and your pet

The endocannabinoid system

This system ranges across the body. Focussed around the brain, it branches out to the lymphatic system. It helps regulate different processes responsible for reducing pain and increasing appetite. The endocannabinoid system works in a similar way for most pets. Therefore, it is easy to see how it might be possible that an animal with severe anxiety, reduced appetite, or extreme nausea could enjoy similar benefits from CBD as those experienced by their humans.

How CBD works

The brain has several different types of receptors that activate neurons. These neurons release chemicals to shape bioelectric signals, which influence things like mood and pain management. Essentially, they determine many experiences for the body. A pet’s experience is surprisingly in-keeping with a human’s because the systems of neurons are similar.

Research and user-experience connects the use of CBD to resulting bodily relaxation, anxiety relief, and reduction of inflammation and pain. As one might expect, these results have also been touted by pet owners who have tried CBD products to improve their animals’ health and well-being.

There are differences in how CBD works from pet to pet. Just like in humans, the effects of CBD differ based on unique anatomy and physiology. This is why it is important to consider carefully the CBD product that is being given to a pet, and the amount. An old cat is a lot smaller than a large dog, and a dog does not need as large of a dose as a human would.

Hemp grown for industrial uses typically has less than .3% psychoactive cannabinoids, eliminating any psychoactive potential when consuming a resulting product. Medicinal CBD is often extracted from hemp for that reason. It is an easy source for a large amount of CBD without the mental “high” associated with psychoactive Cannabis sativa strains.

Your best friend's best friend

CBD products to improve animals’ health

Owners know their pets, and no one understands the needs of a non-human companion better than its handler. However, when it comes to administering CBD, one should consider the reason for wanting to use this supplement. Indeed, it may be useful to conduct further research on the most effective CBD products for your type of animal. With further questions or concerns, contact your pets' veterinarian.

Working with the unique way that cannabinoids interact with the body, pet owners often use ointments and balms to reduce swelling, pain, and stiffness after surgery. Some pet owners also include CBD as a supplement to medications for diabetes and cancer in the form of tinctures and capsules. CBD not only helps with physical relief, it is beneficial in reducing problem responses to emotional stressors that cause hyperactivity and anxiety.

CBD extractions vary widely, and the cleanest methods possible are ideal to ensure purity, strength, and safety of consumption. Furthermore, in order for a product to be effective and safe, it must be manufactured by a reputable producer who employs off-site testing of their products to guarantee quality. When considering CBD for your pet, please remember that these products are a supplement to help animals live healthier lives with less anxiety and pain.

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