Famous Celebrities and Athletes Who Use CBD


Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has become increasingly popular over the past few years. CBD is a compound derived from cannabis that has potential health and wellness benefits without the “high” caused by THC. Many celebrities and athletes have started using CBD for everything from managing pain and anxiety to improving sleep and exercise recovery. Read on to learn about some of the biggest names who have embraced CBD.

Famous Celebrities and Athletes Who Use CBD

Why Are Celebrities Turning to CBD?

So why are so many famous faces suddenly swearing by CBD? There are a few key reasons behind the trend:

  • It’s legal. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD containing less than 0.3% THC is legal on a federal level. This means celebrities can use and promote CBD freely without legal repercussions.
  • It has health benefits. CBD is being studied for a wide range of therapeutic uses. For busy celebs who need to wind down after a hectic schedule or recover after an intense workout, CBD can be the perfect all-natural solution.
  • It won’t intoxicate you. Unlike marijuana, CBD does not have psychoactive effects and will not make you feel high. Celebs can use CBD to relax without impairing their work performance.
  • It’s becoming more mainstream. As CBD sheds its stoner stigma and becomes a wellness trend, celebrities likely feel more comfortable being affiliated with it publicly. Their advocacy only helps push CBD further into the mainstream.

Now that CBD is legal, non-impairing, and destigmatized, it makes sense that stars are jumping on the bandwagon. But which celebs are leading the CBD wave? Let’s look at some of the biggest names.

Athletes Who Use CBD

CBD is becoming widely used among athletes for its potential to reduce inflammation and pain, improve sleep quality, protect the brain, and more. Here are a few champion athletes who have gotten vocal about using CBD to enhance their performance and recovery:

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe is a professional soccer player renowned for her activism and performances with the U.S. Women’s National Team. She scored the game-winning penalty shot against the Netherlands in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup final. Rapinoe told CNBC she uses CBD products from Mendi to help her relax and recover after taxing games.

Nate Diaz

This popular UFC fighter stunned spectators when he openly vaped CBD at a press conference in 2016. Diaz claims CBD helps him with pain, healing, and sleeping. He co-founded Game Up Nutrition, a CBD-infused sports performance brand.

Riley Cote

Former Philadelphia Flyers left winger Riley Cote was the first pro hockey player to openly advocate for CBD. After retiring from the NHL, Cote founded BodyChek Wellness, a hemp-derived CBD company, and became a speaker for the Hemp Roundtable.

Marvin Washington

Marvin Washington is a retired NFL defensive end who played for teams like the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. To manage pain after retiring, Washington turned to CBD and became an advocate for cannabis as a substitute for opioids. He is the founder of Isodiol, a CBD company.

Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams is a Heisman Trophy winner who spent 11 seasons in the NFL. Since retiring, Williams has studied herbalism and holistic healing. He is a spokesperson for Real Wellness, a California-based CBD brand.

Mike Tyson

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson has publicly raved about the benefits of CBD for athletes like himself. In fact, Tyson's ranch in California produces its own strain of cannabis that contains high levels of CBD. Tyson claims CBD has helped him with pain management, stress relief, and focus.

It’s clear CBD has carved out a niche in the sports world. These big-name athletes using CBD to reduce inflammation, prevent injury, and enhance performance may convince more competitors to hop on the CBD train.

Hollywood Celebrities Using CBD

In addition to athletes, celebrities in the entertainment industry are also utilizing CBD for wellness. Let’s look at some famous actors, musicians, and TV personalities who endorse CBD:

Morgan Freeman

The acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. To manage his symptoms, Freeman launched his own CBD company in 2018 called Revel. Freeman told Us Weekly he uses Revel’s CBD cream and oil drops daily to relieve pain so he can keep enjoying his vibrant career.

Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell of “The Good Place” teamed up with Lord Jones to launch her own line of CBD beauty and wellness products in 2020. Bell told Hello Giggles she personally uses Lord Jones CBD lotion and Royal Oil daily to promote healthy skin and decompress after busy days caring for her kids.

Seth Rogen

Comedian actor Seth Rogen is an outspoken cannabis advocate who has incorporated CBD into his wellness routine. In 2019, Rogen launched his own cannabis brand called Houseplant, which includes a CBD-infused sparkling water called Houseplant Seltzer. Rogen claims he drinks them to relax.

Willie Nelson

The legendary country musician Willie Nelson is well-known for his love of cannabis. He even has his own CBD brand, Willie’s Remedy, complete with tinctures, gummies, and specialty coffee. Nelson reportedly uses CBD himself to boost his overall health and fight back against cigarette cravings.

Kim Kardashian

Reality TV icon Kim Kardashian threw a “CBD and Meditation” themed baby shower in 2019. She told People Magazine she uses CBD to stay zen as a busy mom of four kids. Kardashian also claims a topical CBD cream helps relieve pain from her psoriatic arthritis.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is a big believer in alternative wellness therapies. Her lifestyle brand Goop sells several CBD supplements, and Paltrow told CNBC she personally takes CBD to relieve stress  as well as sore muscles from workouts.

Olivia Wilde

Actress and director Olivia Wilde gave CBD beauty treatments the A-list stamp of approval when she visited the Sabai spa in LA in 2018. Wilde raved to People about their CBD-infused massage. She now regularly uses CBD lotions and oils.

From A-list actors to music legends, it’s clear CBD has woven its way into celebrity circles. Their advocacy helps introduce CBD wellness to mainstream audiences.

Why Are Celebs Choosing CBD Over THC?

By now it’s evident that celebrities love their cannabis. But the stars profiled here all specifically use CBD rather than THC products. Why is that? A few reasons explain the preference for CBD:

  • No “high” – Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating and will not impair stars’ work performance or public appearances.
  • More legal - CBD derived from hemp is legal federally, while cannabis-derived THC is still illegal in many states. Celebs likely prefer to avoid anything federally illegal.
  • Less stigma – CBD use does not have the same stereotypes and taboos as recreational marijuana use, making it more appealing for public figures.
  • Therapeutic benefits – CBD shows promise for benefits with little to no side effects, unlike prescription meds.
  • Holistic appeal – As celebrities embrace wellness trends like clean eating, CBD fits right in as a natural, plant-based supplement free of side effects.

CBD allows stars to enjoy cannabis benefits without the intoxication, illegality, stigma, side effects, or un-healthiness of THC. That perfect balance helps explain why CBD is becoming the celebrity wellness trend of choice.

How Do Celebrities Consume CBD?

Now that we know why CBD is popular among celebrities, how exactly are they consuming it? Famous users have access to the highest quality CBD products in every imaginable format:

CBD Oils and Tinctures

The most common CBD format celebrity users seem to reach for is CBD oil. Oils are taken sublingually or added to food and drinks. Stars like Morgan Freeman and Willie Nelson have their own line of CBD oils.

CBD Edibles

Another popular way celebs use CBD is through edibles like gummies and chocolates. These discreet, measured doses of CBD make it easy to use CBD on-the-go. Willie Nelson has his own line of CBD gummies.

CBD Topicals

For localized benefits, many celebrities apply CBD topically via lotions, creams or balms. Stars like Kristen Bell and Olivia Wilde rave about CBD’s soothing effects on skin and muscles when applied in cream form.

CBD Beverages

Drinkable CBD in the form of sparkling water, coffee, tea, or juice is another celebrity favorite. Willie Nelson has his own CBD coffee while Seth Rogen launched a line of CBD-infused seltzers.

CBD Smokables

While less common, some celebrities also use CBD in smokable forms like vape oils or hemp flower. UFC fighter Nate Diaz notably vaped CBD oil at a press conference while Mike Tyson’s cannabis company sells CBD joints.

With everything from skin creams to vape pens, celebrities have their pick of just about any CBD format imaginable. This variety and flexibility only expands the possibilities of how CBD can be incorporated into busy, high-pressure lifestyles.

Why Celebrities Love CBD

To recap, here are the key points that explain the growing relationship between celebrities and CBD:

  • CBD is now legal, non-impairing, and mainstream, making it attractive for famous users.
  • Athletes like Megan Rapinoe use CBD for reduced inflammation, better recovery, protection against brain injuries, and more.
  • Hollywood stars like Morgan Freeman apply CBD topically or take CBD oils to relieve pain and stress.
  • Celebs choose CBD over THC to avoid intoxication, illegality, stigma, and side effects.
  • Easy, discreet CBD formats like oil drops, gummies, and topicals allow flexible use.

As CBD moves further into the mainstream, expect more celebrities to share how they incorporate this trendy wellness supplement into their demanding lifestyles. The future certainly looks bright for CBD.

Yes, as long as the CBD is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC, it is legal on a federal level under the 2018 Farm Bill. All the celebrities mentioned use hemp-derived CBD products that meet federal guidelines.

Can using CBD get celebrities in trouble?

Legally, no. But if a celebrity promotes CBD irresponsibly with unbacked claims, they could face reprimand from regulatory groups like the FDA. As long as they avoid making unfounded medical claims, CBD will not get stars in legal trouble.

What proof is there that CBD helps celebrities?

While CBD research is still emerging, many celebrities report impressive benefits for pain, anxiety, sleep, and general health when using CBD. Their thriving careers and demanding lifestyles arguably serve as proof of CBD’s performance-enhancing potential.

Do celebrities use CBD combined with THC?

Possibly in some cases, but not openly. Celebs seem to prefer isolated CBD over THC-containing cannabis when discussing their use publicly. More research is still needed on CBD/THC interactions.

Can non-famous people benefit from CBD like celebrities do?

Absolutely. While brands may advertise CBD products using celebrity faces, CBD can also benefit everyday people for many of the same reasons it helps stars, like reducing pain and anxiety. You do not need to be famous to experience CBD’s wellness boosting properties.

So in summary, as long as celebrities avoid irresponsible marketing, they can continue to use CBD legally and share their experiences to spread awareness. And anyone - not just the rich and famous - can potentially achieve similar benefits with a quality CBD product. The future looks very bright as CBD gains mainstream acceptability and use.

What do celebrities say about how CBD makes them feel?

Many celebrities report that CBD provides a subtle sense of calm without any impairment to their cognitive function. Mike Tyson says CBD makes him feel "centered and focused." Olivia Wilde said she felt "blissful" after using CBD beauty products. Others like Willie Nelson describe CBD as inducing feelings of "balance" and "wellness." Based on celebrity accounts, CBD seems to provide noticeable stress relief and relaxation without causing any type of intoxication.

What role do celebrity CBD brands play in the industry?

Celebrity CBD brands help raise awareness and increase mainstream acceptance. However, experts caution that fame does not necessarily equate to quality when it comes to CBD products. Consumers should scrutinize celebrity CBD brands just as they would any company. Check for third-party lab tests, hemp sourcing, product reviews and certifications. Do not assume a product is high-quality simply because a celebrity is selling it. Look beyond the star power.

Are celebrities at risk of failing drug tests because of CBD?

This is unlikely, but possible. CBD alone will not cause a failed drug test, but some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC that could potentially be detected. Athletes and celebrities subject to drug testing should take extra precautions when selecting a CBD product, like choosing broad or isolate-based extracts that minimize THC exposure. Talk to your employer if you have any concerns about CBD use leading to a positive drug test.

Can celebrities get in trouble for transporting CBD across state lines?

Technically yes, especially if the CBD product contains even slight amounts of THC. Interstate transport and possession of CBD is still a gray area legally, so celebrities and non-celebrities alike need to exercise caution when traveling with CBD. Whenever possible, look up local CBD laws at your destination. And select CBD products very low in THC to minimize the risks if crossing state lines.

What demographic uses CBD the most?

While CBD is spreading among all age groups, usage currently appears highest among young adults ages 18 to 34. This aligns with CBD's popularity among celebrities and athletes, who also tend to fall into this younger demographic. However, CBD is also catching on rapidly among Baby Boomers as well, many of whom use it to manage age-related pain and inflammation. So while millennials may have accelerated CBD’s growth, its appeal is broad and multigenerational.

Should celebrities be endorsing CBD so openly?

On one hand, celebrity advocacy helps destigmatize CBD and makes it more accessible to the masses. However, experts warn that more oversight is needed on CBD marketing practices, including celebrity endorsements. Stars should avoid making unfounded health claims and push for proper industry regulation. Responsible celebrity endorsements can benefit public opinion of CBD if done carefully, but caution is still advised.


CBD oil has become the hot new wellness trend among celebrities and athletes seeking natural stress and pain relief without intoxication or side effects. Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound from the cannabis plant that provides therapeutic benefits like reduced inflammation and anxiety. Unlike marijuana, hemp-derived CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC is federally legal, prompting stars like Morgan Freeman and Mike Tyson to use it openly. CBD oil’s pain and stress relieving properties make it appealing for Hollywood celebrities with hectic schedules like Kim Kardashian and Olivia Wilde. Athletes like golf pro Tiger Woods and snowboarder Shaun White use CBD oil for faster post-workout recovery and pain relief from injuries. Easy to use CBD capsules, edibles and creams allow flexible dosing before performances or big events. More celebrities are looking to CBD oil and CBD capsules as a healthy alternative to opioids, alcohol and other substances to unwind while avoiding intoxication, stigma and side effects. While CBD research is still limited, celebrity testimonials contribute to the growing popularity of CBD oil products like tinctures, gummies and vape pens among mainstream consumers seeking wellness with a safe, natural, legal cannabis extract.

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