Could CBD Help With Lyme Disease?

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CBD is a big focus for scientists right now. Both hemp and cannabis have been pretty much outlawed for the last century, preventing modern medicine from actually investigating what they are capable of. Now that the laws are changing, science is scrambling to catch up on lost time. One new potential application is aiding in the recovery of Lyme Disease sufferers, so let’s take a closer look.


To start with, let’s take a look at the disease itself. Lyme disease is an infection transmitted by tics in both the US and Europe. In Europe, tics transmit Borrelia afzelli and Borrelia garinii bacteria, which cause the disease in question. It is not a contagious disease, but people are at risk when walking through forests and high grass – especially if wearing shorts.

The thing with Lyme Disease is, that it is easily treatable if caught early. So if you know you have been bitten by a tic within the last month, the easiest thing to do is get tested and then go on a course of antibiotics as necessary. The thing is, it is not always obvious when you have been bitten, and many go unrealised, with people thinking their developing symptoms are something else. The biggest initial telltale sign of Lyme disease is a bullseye rash around a bite location.

If left untreated for more than a few weeks, Lyme disease can cause the infected person to develop heart issues, facial paralysis, meningitis, confusion, peripheral neuropathy, as well as painful and swollen joints. It can also lead to permanent arthritis.


One theory surrounding the issue is that the endocannabinoid system could have a part to play. When bitten, some people recover on their own without any treatment. It is thought that those who don’t have an underlying issue with their immune system – in which the endocannabinoid system plays a big part.


CBD is theorised to be a useful supplement to those suffering from the disease in a few of way – all as a way of coping.

Firstly, CBD is known to have antibacterial properties, thus could be effective at helping combat it. Secondly, and more promisingly, CBD is known to help reduce the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. Lastly, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, and may be able to bring it back into balance if there is a deficiency – in turn boosting the immune system.



Unfortunately, there is not much clinical research into this, so it has to be taken as a theory, and with a pinch of scepticism. However, it is something that is hoped to be researched in much greater details, so time will tell whether the potential is truly there!



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