Simple stress relief tips for busy moms.


Does it seem like there’s never enough time in the day as a busy mom? Between getting the kids ready for school, running errands, making meals, and juggling work, it’s easy for stress to build up. Finding time for yourself can seem impossible, but self-care is so important. Stress relief isn’t selfish – it helps you be a better mom!

Here are some of my favorite easy ways for busy moms to relax and de-stress when life gets hectic. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, these tips can help you stay sane, lower stress levels, and recharge.

Simple stress relief tips for busy moms.

Why Is Stress Relief Important for Busy Moms?

Life is busy for moms! As a busy mom myself, I know how hard it can be to juggle taking care of little ones, managing a household, and trying to get some work done too. It often seems like there’s no time left just for you. But making time for stress relief is crucial.

Here are a few key reasons why busy moms need to make time for relaxation:

  • Your health: Chronic stress takes a toll on your physical and mental health. Finding ways to de-stress helps counteract that.
  • Your kids: Being less stressed makes you a more patient, engaged parent. Stress relief helps you be fully present.
  • Your marriage: Quality time with your partner reduces stress and brings you closer together.
  • Your sanity: You need a break sometimes! Stress relief helps you recharge.

Taking care of yourself first enables you to better care for your family. Don’t feel guilty about taking time for you – your overall health and ability to manage stress affects your kids.

10 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Destress

Even with a packed schedule, there are easy ways busy moms can reduce stress every day. Try integrating some of these quick stress-busting tips into your regular routine:

1. Take a Walk

One of the easiest ways to relieve stress is to get moving! Taking a brisk daily walk with your stroller or baby carrier helps reduce anxiety and boost endorphins. If you can, get outside in nature for an extra mood boost. But even a quick walk around the mall or your neighborhood can de-stress.

2. Enjoy “Me Time”

Carve out some time in your daily routine just for yourself – even 10-15 minutes makes a difference. Use it to read, meditate, journal, or do whatever relaxes you. This uninterrupted “me time” allows you to recharge.

3. Try a Quick Meditation

Meditation works wonders for relieving stress. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and focus on deep breathing for just 5-10 minutes when you need a break. This mindfulness exercise leaves you feeling refreshed.

4. Take a Bubble Bath

Treat yourself to a relaxing hot bubble bath when the kids are asleep. This is one of my favorite ways to unwind! Add some Epsom salts to soothe sore muscles and essential oils for aromatherapy benefits.

5. Lose Yourself in a Book

Reading is a great portable stress reliever. Carry a book in your bag for waiting rooms or kids’ activities. Escape into its pages whenever you need a mental break, even if it’s just for a few minutes while they play.

6. Laugh Out Loud

Laughter really is good medicine! Watch a funny show or movie that is sure to make you giggle. Letting loose and laughing helps release feel-good endorphins that relieve stress.

7. Crank Up the Tunes

Listening to your favorite upbeat music is an easy way to improve your mood instantly. Create playlists that make you want to sing and dance! Tunes that you find relaxing can also lower anxiety.

8. Get Outside

Soak up some sunshine! Even a few minutes outside can do wonders for your mood. Take the kiddos to the park, go for a walk, or just step outside to breathe in the fresh air and clear your mind.

9. Treat Yourself

Do something just for you that you love! Whether it’s getting a massage, going for a bike ride, painting your nails, or curling up with a good book – take time for you. It’s amazing how hobbies and activities you enjoy can relieve stress.

10. Ask Your Partner for Help

Don’t try to do it all yourself, supermom! Asking your spouse to handle bedtime, make dinner, or take over kid duty for a bit allows you time for yourself. Let them help so you can destress.

These are easy, effective ways busy moms can take a few minutes every day to relax and recharge when stress starts to build up. Even quick stress relievers help you feel calmer, focused, and more energized. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Creating a Stress-Relieving Routine

To make stress relief a consistent habit, try building it right into your daily routine. Integrate activities that help you de-stress so they become second nature. Here are some ideas:

  • Start your morning with 10 minutes of meditation or quiet time for yourself.
  • Take a quick walk outside with the stroller after drop-off.
  • Listen to a podcast or soothing music during chore time.
  • Do a few minutes of breathing exercises or yoga poses when you wake up and before bed.
  • Read a chapter of your book while kids are occupied or sleeping.
  • Take 5 minutes for a cup of tea when they’re napping.
  • Run yourself a nice bath after bedtime.
  • Cuddle with your partner watching a show once kids are down.

When you intentionally schedule in quick stress relief like this, you’re more likely to make it happen despite the busyness of mom life. You’ve got this!

Best Practices for Stress Management as a Busy Mom

In addition to quick stress-busting activities, there are some overall best practices that can help busy moms manage stress:

  • Make time for self-care every day, even if it's just 10 minutes. Don't feel guilty about taking time for you!
  • Connect with other moms for solidarity and support. Whether in person or online, community helps.
  • Set boundaries with work and family responsibilities when you need a break. Learn to say no.
  • Get adequate sleep. Easier said than done, but critical for functioning at your best!
  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein foods and veggies. Good nutrition equates to less stress.
  • Exercise regularly, even if it's a walk with the stroller. Movement boosts endorphins.
  • Give yourself grace. Go easy on yourself, and let some things slide. Perfectionism leads to stress!
  • Ask for help from your partner, family, friends, or consider hiring help. You don't have to do it all alone.
  • Make time for fun! Do activities you enjoy that have nothing to do with being a mom. Laughter relieves stress.
  • Consider counseling or therapy if stress feels unmanageable. There's no shame in seeking professional help.
  • Breathe! When you start to feel overwhelmed, take some deep breaths. Inhale and exhale stress away.

Prioritizing stress relief and self-care helps you be the best mom you can be. You’ve got this!

When to Seek Extra Help for Stress Management

Most moms deal with some stress as part of the job. But if unrelenting stress is affecting your daily life and emotional well-being, it may be time to seek extra help. Consider reaching out to your doctor or a mental health professional if:

  • You feel anxious, irritable, or depressed daily
  • Stress is causing physical symptoms like headaches, stomach issues, body pain, etc.
  • You rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms like overeating, drinking, or isolation
  • Stress is putting strain on your relationships
  • You have trouble caring for your kids or accomplishing daily tasks
  • Stress relief techniques don’t seem to make a difference

There’s no shame in needing extra support – motherhood is hard! Counseling provides safe space to talk through struggles. Medication can be helpful in some cases too. Prioritizing your mental health enables you to be your best self.

Destressing Activities for Moms by Personality Type

Different relaxation techniques resonate with different moms’ personalities. Think about what types of activities appeal most to you:

If you’re creative: Crafting, adult coloring books, playing music, photography

If you’re active: Exercise classes, outdoor activities, sports as a family

If you’re an introvert: Reading, bubble baths, meditation

If you’re an extrovert: Coffee dates, mom groups, girls’ nights out

If you’re cerebral: Podcasts, audio books, writing in a journal

If you’re spiritual: Yoga, prayer, spending time in nature

If you’re hands-on: Cooking, baking, gardening

If you’re traditional: Moms’ clubs, playgroups with kids

Try incorporating two to three of your favorite types of activities into your routine each week. Tailoring your stress relief to your personality makes it more sustainable.

Daily Stress Relief Checklist for Busy Moms

Here’s a helpful daily checklist of quick stress relief activities busy moms can integrate to help stay relaxed and focused:

  • Take a 10 minute walk
  • Schedule 5-10 minutes of “me time”
  • Do a short meditation or breathing exercise
  • Listen to relaxing or upbeat music
  • Take a bubble bath (kids permitting!)
  • Read a chapter of your book
  • Get outside for a few minutes
  • Take time for a hobby you enjoy
  • Ask your partner to cover kids for 20 mins
  • Enjoy a healthy snack or cup of tea
  • Practice gratitude – write down 3 things you’re thankful for

Even if you can only check a few things off each day, those minutes of relaxation add up. Don’t forget to show yourself some grace as well, supermama. Motherhood is a beautiful blessing, but it’s certainly not easy. Be kind to yourself. You’re doing great!

In Summary: Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Destress

  • Carve out small pockets of time in your daily routine for quick stress relief. Even 10 minutes helps!
  • Go for a walk, enjoy alone time, meditate, take a bath, read a book, laugh out loud.

    Q: What are some simple stress relief tips for busy moms?

    A: Some simple stress relief tips for busy moms include practicing mindfulness, taking a bubble bath, laughing with friends, and trying online therapy.

    Q: How can mindfulness help in stress reduction?

    A: Mindfulness is a practice that involves focusing your attention on the present moment. By practicing mindfulness, busy moms can become more aware of their thoughts and feelings, and can better manage stress and anxiety.

    Q: How does taking a bubble bath help relieve stress?

    A: Taking a bubble bath can provide a relaxing and soothing experience for busy moms. The warm water and pleasant scents can help to calm the mind and body, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

    Q: Is laughter good for stress relief?

    A: Yes, laughter is good for stress relief. Laughing releases endorphins, which are the body's natural feel-good chemicals. It can also help to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body, leading to a sense of relaxation and well-being.

    Q: Are there any online therapy options for stressed moms?

    A: Yes, there are online therapy options available for stressed moms. Online therapy allows you to access professional help from the comfort of your own home, making it convenient for busy moms to seek support and guidance.

    Q: How can busy moms incorporate relaxation into their daily routine?

    A: Busy moms can incorporate relaxation into their daily routine by finding small pockets of time to indulge in activities that help reduce stress. This could include taking a few minutes to enjoy a green tea latte, practicing deep breathing exercises, or engaging in a hobby that brings joy.

    Q: What are some ways to recharge your batteries as a busy mom?

    A: Some ways to recharge your batteries as a busy mom include getting regular exercise, spending time with friends or loved ones, practicing self-care activities such as getting a massage or reading a book, and prioritizing time for yourself.

    Q: How can busy moms find at least 30 minutes for themselves?

    A: Finding at least 30 minutes for yourself as a busy mom can be challenging, but it's important for your well-being. You can try waking up 30 minutes earlier, asking for help from your partner or family members, or delegating some tasks to free up your time.

    Q: What are some tips for working moms to reduce stress?

    A: Some tips for working moms to reduce stress include setting boundaries between work and home life, practicing effective time management, outsourcing tasks when possible, and making time for self-care activities.

    Q: How can stay-at-home moms take care of their mental health?

    A: Stay-at-home moms can take care of their mental health by finding a support network of other moms, engaging in regular physical activity, practicing mindfulness or meditation, and seeking professional help if needed.

  • Get outside, listen to music, do hobbies you enjoy, ask for help from your partner.
  • Create an intentional schedule that integrates stress relievers into each day.
  • Manage stress by making self-care a priority, not a luxury! Don't feel guilty.
  • Tailor relaxation techniques to match your personality for sustainability.
  • Seek professional help from your doctor or a therapist if stress feels overwhelming.
  • Give yourself grace. You're doing an amazing job, mama! Make time for you.

Being a busy mom is a juggling act, but taking time for stress management benefits you and your whole family. Try out some of these easy tips to relax and reset when mom stress strikes. You’ve got this! Breathe, recharge, and take good care of yourself.

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