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  • Active B12
  • Active B12
  • Active B12
  • Active B12
  • Active B12
  • Active B12

Active B12

1250mcg with Vitamin B6 (P-5-P) and Folic Acid

£ 13.99
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Features & benefits:

A valuable addition to a vegetarian or vegan diet
Pleasant-tasting melting tablet with natural raspberry extract
Premium B12 supplement with two bioactive forms of B12
Melting tablet for better absorption that starts in the mouth
Helps to restore your energy level and reduction of tiredness

Enhance your nutrition with high-quality Vitamin B12. Not only have we harnessed two bioactive forms of B12 for a greater effect, but we've combined them with folic acid and vitamin B6 for a truly comprehensive boost to daily well-being. Carefully contained within raspberry-flavoured lozenges, reaping the benefits of essential B vitamins has never been easier.


Essential B vitamins to meet your daily needs

Supporting your body with the right balance of essential vitamins is crucial to thinking and feeling at your best. Our Vitamin B12 combines two bioactive forms (methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin) alongside folic acid and vitamin B6 to not only support gaps in nutrition, but restore your energy levels and reduce tiredness.

Supporting your daily nutritional goals

The most abundant source of vitamin B12 is typically animal products, meaning many vegetarian and vegan diets miss out on the vitamin's vast influence. With our premium B12 supplement, you can bolster your daily nutritional goals, ensuring your body has the B12 it needs to support the nervous system, red blood cell formation, and much more.

Your daily dose of B vitamins made easy

We've harnessed two bioactive forms of vitamin B12 so the body can use them directly, rather than having to convert them first. However, that's not all we've done to support your daily wellness goals. The premium formula is carefully contained within raspberry-flavoured lozenges, which dissolve quickly in the mouth for maximum uptake through the mucous membrane.

Give your body the essential support it needs with our premium B12 supplement. The enhanced formula, combined with the convenient lozenge format, ensures you never miss out on the wellness-boosting influence of vitamin B12, B6, and folic acid.

How to use Cibdol Vitamin B12

For best results, take one lozenge daily, letting it melt in your mouth.

Quantity 60 tablets
Category Vitals
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