Payment methods

We offer our customers a variety of ways to pay for their products, all of which are safe, secure, and discreet. Whichever way you decide to pay, you can rest assured that we have done everything we can to ensure it is done in a simple and safe environment.

Credit card

Paying by credit card is seen as one of the most standard and safe ways to make a payment over the internet. At Cibdol, we accept both Visa and MasterCard. To use this method, enter you card details, expiry date, and 3-digit security code (on the back of the card) on the relevant page. Your payments should be made instantly, and we will start preparing your order right away.

Bank transfer

If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer, you can send payment to the following details:

Make sure to use your order number as a reference. Note: Although instant in many cases, a bank transfer can take up to 3 days to clear depending on where it is being transferred from. We will start packing your order as soon as your transfer clears.

Cibdol BV
UBS Bank
IBAN: DE53 5022 0085 3296 1400 18
Reference nr: (starts with) B00.....

Saving money on bank transfer fees

Transferring money, especially internationally, can incur unwanted bank fees. This is particularly the case for orders coming from outside of the Euro currency zone. However, there are other options available, as a number of companies now offer fast and secure international transfer services without the high fees associated with the bank.

Such companies include:

  • Xoom
  • HiFX
  • XE Trade
  • 1st Contact
  • UK Forex
  • Transferwise
  • World first


iDeal is a simple-to-use alternative payment method available in the Netherlands. It negates the need for a credit card, and allows for quick, safe, and secure payments directly from your bank. The payment provider’s name is the name that will appear on your account.

Direct E-Banking offers a relatively new service that utilises the TÜV standard to guarantee security. Using your Direct E-Banking account, you can generate a payment that goes directly to our account. This allows for secure and discreet international payments that happen almost instantly.


Bancontact utilises the same security protocols as an online bank payment. There is no need to install any software—if you have an online bank account, you can use this simple and easy method of payment.

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