CBD for Cats

Show your feline friend love and compassion with specially formulated CBD for cats from Cibdol. Exclusively for pets, our range of CBD oils, pastilles, and treats are the purrfect addition to your cat's daily routine.

Like their humans, cats possess an endocannabinoid system, meaning they too can benefit from CBD's balance-boosting effect. However, to ensure they love our hemp extract from the first bite to the last, we carefully remove terpenes—small aromatic compounds cats may find undesirable.

The result is a versatile range of pet products infused with CBD and dozens of all-natural ingredients. Supported by the power of high-quality CBD, our pet range gives cats, old or young, a boost when they need it most.

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What is CBD for cats?

When it comes to your cat's health, you won't settle for any old supplement. Introducing Cibdol CBD for cats—the wholesome way to bolster your cat's health and well-being, while soothing physical and emotional discomfort. We offer a range of CBD-infused products catered exclusively to your cat's body and mind.

Our flavour-enhanced pastilles, treats, and bites harness the power of CBD alongside vitamins and nutrients to fully support your cat's well-being. The CBD oil is our stronger CBD supplement—perfect for cats who require a steady dose of this remarkable cannabinoid. Even with all of these benefits, our Cibdol CBD for cats range is still entirely free of THC, GMOs, and harsh chemicals.

How does CBD for cats work?

Given how beneficial CBD can be for humans, it's no surprise that cats benefit from this compound too. Just like us, cats possess an endocannabinoid system (ECS)—a vast network of receptors responsible for promoting balance. And, just like in humans, CBD interacts with this network, encouraging a state of well-being.

Our CBD for cats range works behind the scenes to bolster your cat's mind and body, working seamlessly with their biological systems. All it takes is a few drops of CBD to give your cat the boost it deserves. With an all-natural formula, our CBD range is suitable for any cat, regardless of age or breed.

CBD oil for cats

Give your cat a concentrated dose of all-natural CBD extract with our exclusive CBD oil formula. Our 2% and 4% CBD oils are free of terpenes—aromatic compounds that some cats find unpleasant. Not only will they love every drop, but the combination of hemp extract, olive oil, fish oil, and vitamin E provides a multifaceted approach to well-being.

Add a few drops of CBD oil for cats directly to their food or drink to restore their lust for life—it's that simple.

CBD treats for cats

For a simple, everyday approach, try our incredible range of CBD bites, treats, and pastilles. We infuse each one with all-natural ingredients, including essential vitamins and minerals, sheep fat, salmon oil, spirulina powder, and, of course, our high-quality hemp extract.

Just like the rest of our CBD for cats range, we've carefully removed terpenes and other elements cats find undesirable. The result is a range of CBD-infused treats your cat will love from the first bite to the last.

Why buy Cibdol CBD for cats?

Cibdol CBD for cats was created by feline-loving CBD experts drawing on years of experience to benefit cats just like yours. With so many pet care products to choose from, Cibdol offers an industry-leading range that surpasses expectations.

From the use of naturally grown hemp to state-of-the-art CO₂ extraction, we maintain the highest possible standards and quality control. As our hemp extract is independently tested, your cat can enjoy the wellness-boosting properties of CBD without the risk of psychotropic side effects, giving you complete peace of mind.

Buy Cibdol CBD for cats online today and experience the power of our specially formulated hemp extract.

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