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With an idea of what CBD does, the next stage in your wellness journey is understanding how much you should take. Keep reading to find out what you need to consider when dosing CBD, and how we simplify the process with our CBD dosage calculator.

How to dose CBD

Taking CBD can be tricky because the ideal dose for someone else may not be the same for you. The power of CBD is its ability to work with your mind and body to help you feel at your best. As such, the ideal CBD strength and frequency can vary significantly from person to person.

However, if you have no idea where to start with taking CBD, you needn't worry. Not only will we run through the main considerations, but we'll introduce the Cibdol CBD dosage calculator. This automated tool removes the difficulty of getting started with CBD, thanks to a series of simple questions. Answer these based on your circumstances, and it'll recommend a CBD dose and a CBD product tailored specifically to you.

If you want to know what goes on behind the scenes of the CBD dosage calculator, we've broken down the factors below.

How often should I take CBD?

CBD works best when there's a constant level present inside the body. An effective strategy for most people is to take CBD at regular intervals throughout the day. Timing may differ depending on your lifestyle, but breakfast, lunch, and dinner are simple starting points.

You'll need to follow this routine for at least a week to build your body's innate CBD level. But it shouldn't take long for you to start noticing the difference CBD can make.

How much CBD should I take?

Answering this question accurately would take several articles, but to give you the abridged version—there is not an ideal amount of CBD to take. The most effective dose will depend on factors such as:

• Age
• Sex
• Weight
• Experience
• Symptoms

Fortunately, the CBD dosage calculator does the hard work for you, calculating these variables to give an estimated starting dose. By the time you've answered several lifestyle questions, the CBD dosage calculator will provide a daily total of CBD in milligrams.

We recommend you split this dose into the frequency highlighted above (three servings). If, however, you still haven't reached the desired effect after a week, then gradually increase your daily total until CBD has the impact you require.

CBD dosage

What strength of CBD should I use?

The simplest way to monitor CBD strength is to use milligrams. Every Cibdol product lists the total milligrams of CBD in the description, which we break down depending on how you consume it. For example, a 500mg bottle of CBD oil contains approximately 2.5mg of CBD per drop.

The concentration of a particular CBD product is an important factor to keep in mind, but don't forget it's still best to split your ideal daily dose evenly throughout the day. It's no good taking a higher-strength CBD oil and exceeding your daily recommendation in a few drops.

Finally, if you're concerned about consuming too much CBD in one day, the daily recommended maximum is around 160mg. To put that into context, 3–4 drops of 500mg CBD oil (three times a day) is a daily total of 30mg, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation.

How to take CBD

There are dozens of ways to take CBD, with the ideal consumption method differing according to your needs. Whether it is sublingual administration, vaping, edibles, or topical creams, the influence of CBD and its fellow cannabinoids is vast.

For most people, CBD oil remains the most popular choice. Oils also give you the option to dose on the tongue (orally) or under the tongue (sublingually). With CBD oil, it’s easy to track your daily consumption by monitoring milligrams per drop.

CBD dosing Q&A

Is CBD safe to use?
The World Health Organization (WHO) reviewed CBD and found that "in humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential”. CBD continues to show a good safety profile, though it remains essential to take the cannabinoid at your own pace.
Does CBD oil have any side effects?
Reported side effects of CBD include drowsiness, nausea, diarrhoea, lightheadedness, and fatigue. However, the risk of these effects is low, and those that do occur appear mild. There's also a possible interaction with prescription medication. If this applies to you, speak to a doctor about taking CBD for case-specific advice.
Is CBD oil legal to buy?
Provided CBD products meet the correct standard, they are legal to buy and consume in most of Europe and the US. Although all Cibdol products meet EU regulations, we highly recommend checking local legislation before completing a purchase.
Where can I buy quality CBD products?
Right here at Cibdol! We stock a comprehensive range of CBD oils, capsules, cosmetics, and more. Shipping all over Europe, it has never been easier to experience the wellness-boosting potential of high-quality CBD.

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