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Meladol is now Fall Asleep

Meladol is now Fall Asleep

Meladol has become the cornerstone of so many nighttime routines. With its all-natural formula, the exclusive blend of CBD and melatonin works with your body to encourage a healthy sleep cycle. However, as we start to understand how our customers' needs differ, our sleep range needs to evolve in kind.

Don’t worry though, the Meladol formula you’ve come to rely on will stay exactly the same. We are simply rebranding the product name to fit into our updated sleep range. Fall Asleep joins several other best-selling sleep products to help you get the rest you deserve.

Why the change from Meladol to Fall Asleep?

People’s sleep needs are continually changing. Some struggle to fall asleep, while others have difficulty staying asleep for longer than a few hours. Depending on your sleep needs, the ideal supplement differs, which is precisely why we’ve expanded our sleep range. Meladol, now Fall Asleep, more accurately describes how it can help, while distinguishing itself from other sleep products, such as Complete Sleep.

• Changing the name to Fall Asleep is our way of making it easier to know which CBD sleep product is right for you. The bottle size, number of drops, dosing instructions, ingredients (CBD and melatonin)—everything remains the same as our traditional Meladol.

Fall Asleep: Available now as a liquid and capsules

A few drops of Fall Asleep fifteen minutes before bed is ideal for encouraging restful sleep. Of course, some people prefer capsules to liquid drops because of the convenience. Well, as part of the Meladol rebrand, we’re also introducing Fall Asleep capsules.

Again, these capsules contain the exact same formula you know and love; it is simply a different way to experience the benefits of our exclusive CBD and melatonin formula. You can read more about Fall Asleep capsules in our dedicated article.

Regardless of your sleep needs, know that Cibdol is here for you, for life. Whether you want help falling asleep faster or staying asleep longer, our range of dedicated sleep supplements can support your wellness goals. Fall Asleep is our way of helping you live a wholesome, balanced life.

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