Cibdol Expands Range With Groundbreaking CBN & CBG Oils

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Cibdol's brand new CBN & CBG Oils

Cibdol is delighted to announce an exclusive range of CBG and CBN oils. Not only do they compliment our already extensive selection of CBD products, but they provide a multifaceted approach to robust well-being. To find out more, keep reading.

Cibdol: The leader in cannabinoid-based product innovation

At the forefront of cannabinoid-based product innovation, Cibdol strives to unlock the full potential of cannabinoids to bring their influential powers to people everywhere. With the launch of our brand-new CBN and CBG oils, we've moved one step closer to that goal.

Our expansion into CBN and CBG is not just a groundbreaking step for Cibdol, but for the entire CBD industry. These new oils position Cibdol as a front-runner not only due to their technical superiority, but their overall effectiveness thanks to the entourage effect.

Each new product harnesses the non-toxic capabilities of the cannabinoids cannabinol (CBN) or cannabigerol (CBG). Despite their elusive nature, we've harnessed cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise to develop safe, independently tested oils and crystals.

What are CBN and CBG?

Inside hemp exists hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Each exerts a unique influence on the human body, and each is essential to delivering a fully comprehensive approach to well-being.

Studies have shown that these compounds could have a wide range of uses both in isolation and in combination. However, not all cannabinoids exist in the same ratios. While CBD makes up the majority of hemp's chemical structure, cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG are far more challenging to isolate in standardised concentrations.

Our dedication to state-of-the-art processing, extraction, purification, and filtration has culminated in a unique and tailored experience. Customers are now able to access the selection of cannabinoids that best suits their needs, without compromising on quality or safety.

Which CBN or CBG oil will you try?

Ready to try CBN or CBG oils for yourself? Cibdol CBG oils, supported by our golden-grade CBD extract, come in a range of concentrations. You'll find 2.5% and 5% variations, as well as 99% pure CBG crystals for individuals seeking a streamlined, highly concentrated experience.

CBG Oil by Cibdol


Our CBN oils are also available in 2.5% and 5% concentrations, and held to the incredibly high standards you've come to expect from Cibdol. Additionally, all products undergo rigorous quality control and third-party testing, with results published publicly on our dedicated CBD Analysis page.

CBN Oil by Cibdol


Enjoy total peace of mind with a revolutionary range of CBN and CBG oils from Europe's leading provider of cannabinoid-based solutions. Trust in the power of Swiss purity—trust Cibdol.

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