Everything You Need To Know About Microdosing CBD

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Microdosing lets you get more from less

Whether you’re entirely new to CBD or take it daily, you’ll want to get the maximum possible benefit from the cannabinoid. With this goal in mind, it doesn’t take long before the term “microdosing” comes up. Not exclusive to CBD, it is a method of consumption that is favoured in the drug development process as a valuable analytical tool.

Microdosing has gained a significant following because it allows small amounts of a compound to be absorbed over a consistent period, rather than a large dose taken once or twice a day. While microdosing gained its notability thanks to Swiss chemist Dr Albert Hofmann and his study of LSD, the technique has thankfully spread to the non-toxic, non-psychotropic cannabinoid CBD.

Microdosing with CBD is simple

As explained by Dr Douglas Jorgensen, “microdosing, in general, is a means to manipulate the receptors and gain a desired physiologic response with less drug”. By applying the concept of microdosing to CBD, it starts to become evident why the technique is gaining popularity.

The endocannabinoid system features a vast network of CB1 and CB2 receptors. Linked to major organs, parts of the brain, and the immune system, these receptors are responsible for catalysing an enormous range of biological outcomes. By microdosing, one can use CBD to encourage optimal ECS function, promoting an overall state of homeostasis.

However, everyone who uses CBD is different, and so too is their endocannabinoid system. The optimal microdose will depend on what you are trying to achieve with CBD, your metabolism, a product's bioavailability, and more. The good news is, not knowing where to start with microdosing doesn't mean you cannot benefit—the trick is to find your “sweet spot”.

How to microdose CBD

The sweet spot is the point at which you get the most benefit from CBD, without feeling overloaded or experiencing any side effects. Don’t worry, though, being high is not a side effect of CBD. Some users have, however, reported an upset stomach or slight drowsiness when consuming large amounts of CBD.

The best way to evaluate your tolerance to the cannabinoid is to start low and go slow. That means a low-concentration CBD oil and just one or two drops at a time. In fact, CBD oils are ideal for microdosing because you can break down your consumption into tiny drops, keeping track of how you feel along the way.

If you want to microdose CBD, try the following:

1. Start with 1 milligram of CBD. For our 2.5% CBD oil, this is approximately one drop.

2. After 45 minutes to an hour, gauge how you feel. Do you think CBD has had the desired effect? If the answer is no, increase the dosage by 1 milligram.

3. Repeat this process for 2–5 days and monitor your overall well-being, quality of sleep, and whether CBD has had the desired effect.

Once you’ve found the right dose to suit your circumstances, you can either continue using the microdose technique (your optimal dosage split evenly throughout the day) or move to your ideal dose split across 2–3 servings per day. The decision will depend entirely on why you are using CBD. For more information on CBD dosage, click here.

Other factors to consider when microdosing CBD

If you are a regular CBD user who wants to use microdosing to get a better understanding of your sweet spot, it helps to have a period of abstinence. Ideally, you’ll want to stop taking CBD a few days before starting a microdosing regime.

It is also worth considering the type of CBD product you are using, as CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, and lotions all have different bioavailabilities. To microdose effectively, you should stick to one type of product. As we’ve already mentioned, CBD oils are perfect for microdosing because you can measure your sweet spot using drops. Drops are far easier to keep track of compared to calculating milligrams.

As a landmark feature of the drug development process, microdosing is a technique that needn’t be reserved for clinical trials. Instead, it is a simple but effective way for people to get more out of CBD.

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