Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap CBD Oil

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The rising tide of CBD

To stand out, some CBD companies cut corners during the extraction and production process to offer lower prices. In an already saturated market, lower prices are bound to attract customers. But, as you'll soon find out, if you desire quality, you need to be incredibly wary of cheap CBD oils.

CBD's perceived effectiveness lies in the way it interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system. Start to mess with that formula, or add chemicals that shouldn't be there, and the repercussions could be more than your money's worth.

Calculating the cost of CBD

One way that companies like to prove their products give consumers value for their money is with a “price per milligram” equation. By simply dividing the product price by the CBD content (in milligrams), it is possible to calculate a cost per drop. While the formula seems like a logical way to work out if you are getting enough CBD for your money, it fails to take into account one crucial factor—bioavailability.

Some products have a more pronounced effect despite containing fewer milligrams of actual CBD. This can be due to the type of product, how it is consumed, and how it interacts with your body.

While we cannot give you an exact formula to follow, we can explain what goes into making a quality CBD oil. Once you know what to look for among CBD producers, you can start to compare average prices, without putting your health at risk.

The cost of CBD production—from seed to shelf

To help you understand what goes into calculating a fair price for CBD, we have broken down crucial factors to consider:

• Farming

The cost of CBD starts right at the source—organic hemp. Not only does hemp cost more than other crops to get started, but there are extra licence fees according to a country's regulations. Add in the initial startup costs of going organic, and it's easy to see how cheap CBD oil could already be cutting a lot of corners.

• Harvest and extraction

For CBD oil to be legal, it needs to contain no more than 0.2–0.3% THC (country-dependent)—a task that is difficult to achieve if you don't have sophisticated (but expensive) extraction equipment.

Using CO₂ extraction as an example, it can cost hundreds of thousands to set up the machinery correctly. Of course, you could use cheaper, less efficient methods, but again, you run the risk of creating a less potent, more damaging final product.

• Bottling and packaging

It is during this stage of production that full spectrum formulas (that's what we use) need to be decarboxylated and purified to deliver the correct ratio of cannabinoids. It is also essential that any plant material, bacteria, and other unwanted substances are removed.

• Third-party testing

Independent testing organisations offer consumers peace of mind by allowing companies to prove what is (and isn't) inside their CBD oils. While this adds yet another expense to the overall CBD production process, companies that don't offer detailed, independent analysis should be avoided entirely.

• Legal expenses and other costs

With regulation and restriction on CBD changing on a whim, companies need to take extra care to protect against industry uncertainty. This vigilance ultimately impacts the final price that consumers pay; but for any business trying to operate above board, it is a necessary step.


Quality and potency means paying a competitive price for CBD oil

As lovely as it would be, there is no such thing as high-quality, cheap CBD oil. Given the careful steps needed to prepare, extract, and purify the right hemp compounds, consumers should compare average prices among producers they trust. If a CBD producer can list the credentials we've outlined above, then they would certainly be worth considering—even if the price is slightly more than the market average.

Although it may be tempting to go cheaper, especially for a first-time CBD user, buying cheap means you will definitely be buying twice. There is a good chance that not only will the CBD oil be ineffective, but it may contain a whole host of nasty extras.

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