The Joy Of Life, Told By Six Centenarians From Bama, China

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“None of the centenarians are on any medications, none of them have had any surgeries, there are no cases of heart disease in this village, diabetes, obesity. They live these remarkably long, healthy and happy lives”.

—Dr. John Day, 2014

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While Dr. Day's experience is undoubtedly insightful, the motivation, happiness, and positive outlook of Bama’s centenarians is what shines through. Their sentiment is bound to resonate with anyone struggling to live a balanced life in today's non-stop modern society.

It is not uncommon for age to be seen as a hindrance, something to be afraid of. In Bama, the population look forward to getting old; their smiles are infectious and their happiness gives us hope that a long and fulfilling life doesn't need lots of money, technology, or convenience to be a reality.

How can we incorporate some of their lifestyle in a world that demands long working hours while being confined to office buildings?

Being generous to our neighbours, eating pure, uncontaminated food—these are just some of the things the centenarians of Bama attribute to a healthy life. If anything, it is their sheer delight at the thought of getting older that makes small changes to our lifestyle so desirable. If we could capture even the essence of their love for life, making minor adjustments would be worth the effort. Not only to feel the difference in ourselves, but for the impact on others around us.

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