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Cibdol is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Cannabis Capital Convention, the first cannabis conference taking place in the Netherlands that has been organised for investors and entrepreneurs. We are excited to support this groundbreaking event while bringing awareness to our line of products that are among the highest quality CBD products in Europe.

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About the Cannabis Capital Convention

Cannabis laws are changing rapidly. What started out as several states within the United States and certain European countries legalising the herb has turned into a cascade of nations following suit. Legalisation has swiftly been followed by largescale investments and innovation, with the European cannabis market having grown more in the last six months than over the previous half-decade. This emerging market has seen millions of dollars of investment and has also capitalised off of models based in the United States.

The Cannabis Capital Convention was created with the intention of imparting knowledge of seasoned North American cannabis investors to the European continent. The conference will work to bridge the two regions in a synergy of expertise and innovation. Leading production companies, investors, and analysts from America will be making appearances side-by-side with European experts to provide valuable information on the current trends in the newly formed European cannabis market.

Speakers at the Cannabis Capital Convention include Michael Kraland, the moderator of the convention. Kraland is a professional investor and co-founder of Dutch investment website Robert Cheney, CEO of C21 Investments Inc., will also be sharing his wisdom. Cheney is an entrepreneur and investor with hands in the fields of internet technology and telecommunications. He specialises in the areas of building management teams and high-potential investment opportunities.

Javier Gonzalez Lastra, Analyst at Berenberg Bank, will also be making a speech at the convention, discussing investment strategies of the beverage industry. Another extremely exciting speaker will be Tjalling Erkelens, founder of Bedrocan, a company that has been providing pharmaceutical-grade cannabis for the Dutch government since 2003.

First of its kind in Europe

The Cannabis Capital Convention is a groundbreaking event that marks the progression of cannabis legalisation on the continent and symbolises the beneficial effects this reform with have on the economies of the region.

Several speakers at the event will cover the recent massive investments of North American drink companies into the cannabis market. The event will likely catalyse similar investments on the European continent, and will certainly shake things up within the industry.

Get ready for the coming market

Reports state that the expected reach of the cannabis industry in 2018 will be up to $4.75 billion, and will explode to $25 billion in 2025. Legalisation within many parts of Europe has inevitably opened the door to a huge market that is ready to boom, with millions of potential new customers gaining access as more countries join the club.

This newly emerging market is attracting titanic investors from overseas. The Canada-based Maricann Group Inc. operates a medical cannabis business with facilities in Ontario, and is currently eyeing up the European market with plans for expansion.

Join the conference?

Are you a potential future investor within the European cannabis market? Do you own a cannabis-based business? Or maybe you are just a huge fan of the herb and curious as to what the future holds? Either way, this conference will be a hugely beneficial and inspiring experience, hearing firsthand from the leading voices within the field.

Tickets are available here.

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