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  • Why collagen can make you feel sleepy

    September 11, 2023   Collagen

    Collagen supplements can unexpectedly make some people feel sleepy. The amino acid glycine abundant in collagen acts as a brain chemical that promotes calming and sleepiness. By taking collagen at night, reducing dosage, avoiding other sedatives, and staying active, you can still gain benefits for skin, joints, and sleep regulation while minimizing excessive daytime drowsiness.

  • Determining your ideal collagen supplementation period

    September 11, 2023   Collagen

    Collagen supplementation is surging in popularity for its touted anti-aging, joint, gut and beauty benefits. But how long should you take it to see results? This article explores the factors that influence ideal collagen supplementation periods for different goals, provides guidelines on typical timeframes, and gives tips for an effective protocol.

  • Should You Take Collagen Supplements at Night?

    September 11, 2023   Collagen

    Taking collagen supplements at night provides maximum absorption and overnight anti-aging benefits. Pairing collagen with vitamin C and melatonin can further enhance efficacy for skin and sleep. Alternating between morning and night gives you well-rounded collagen support long-term. Remember to take consistently to see real results.

  • How Much Collagen Should Women Take Daily?

    September 11, 2023   Collagen

    Collagen supplements help women maintain youthful skin, hair, nails and joints as they age. But how much collagen should you take daily? This guide examines the ideal collagen dosage for women based on age, diet, lifestyle factors and health conditions. Learn how taking 10-20 grams of collagen protein from powders or pills can naturally improve aging skin, bones and joints.

  • Collagen for weight loss

    September 11, 2023   Collagen

    Collagen offers several evidence-backed ways to potentially augment weight loss efforts. Learn how collagen may help control hunger, retain muscle, strengthen your gut, and optimize metabolism. Discover the best collagen types and proper dosages for weight management.

  • Safe Daily Collagen Dosage Guidelines

    September 11, 2023   Collagen

    For most people, safe collagen supplement doses range from 1-15 grams daily for general wellness, with a maximum of around 30 grams. Athletes can use up to 30 grams but time higher doses strategically. Monitor for side effects and inform your doctor about use.

  • What Happens When You Stop Taking Collagen?

    September 11, 2023   Collagen

    Quitting collagen supplements after consistent use will result in skin, hair, nail, and joint benefits fading after 3-6 months. But maintaining a collagen-rich diet and lifestyle helps counteract reductions. Restarting diligent supplementation can potentially rebuild depleted collagen stores over an extended period.

  • Recommended Collagen Supplementation Duration

    September 11, 2023   Collagen

    Research shows taking daily collagen supplements for 2-6 months allows enough time to start seeing benefits. Ongoing lower dose collagen or cycling higher dosages helps maintain gains long-term. Properly timing supplemental collagen around activities like exercise and sleep may further boost results.

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