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Percentage CBD in milligram

Being one of the Europe’s leading producers of CBD oil, we take a lot of time and effort to ensure that our products are always top-notch. We consistently test our CBD oil to ensure each batch meets our standards, giving our customers peace of mind about what they are receiving.

Each bottle of Cibdol CBD Oil is clearly marked with a CBD content percentage. In addition to this, we also state the exact quantity in milligrams. This helps avoid confusion and gives the user a clear idea of the bottle’s exact content.

 Why milligrams?

Simply stating 4% can be quite deceptive. Some CBD oil producers use a 4% extract to produce their oil. As it is 4% before the oil is made, the oil production process can dilute this number further. We don’t do such things here at Cibdol. By clearly stating the CBD content in mg, it is clear what each bottle contains. You can also see the lab verified test results on our homepage for our latest batch, offering absolute certainty.




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