What Is Golden CBD Oil?

When it comes to CBD oil, you don’t want anything less than the gold standard. Golden CBD oils don’t just look pretty, they provide a broad range of potential health benefits, that other oils simply can’t compete with.


Unlike “raw” extractions, golden CBD oils undergo additional processing, that purifies and filters out any inactive plant matter, that doesn't benefit the consumer. In fact, removing these materials, such as chlorophyll, excess fats, waxes and contaminants, increases the effectiveness of CBD oil as an all-natural therapeutic supplement.

Golden CBD oils originate from European fiber hemp and are grown using organic, non-GMO practices. Once harvested, the hemp flowers undergo CO₂ extraction to retrieve a full spectrum of cannabinoids, separating out any or psychoactive compounds. The result: A pure, liquid substance, that is refined to flow freely as an oil and maintain a pleasant aroma and fine taste.

Raw, unfiltered extracts are bottled without being purified, resulting in dark green or black colored substances with pasty consistencies and uneven CBD concentrations. The purity of golden oil on the other hand makes it easy to standardize, guaranteeing uniform CBD content from bottle to bottle.


An important player in maximizing the effects of golden oil is decarboxylation. This procedure involves heating cannabis plant matter for a period of time, changing the mostly inactive compound CBDa into effectual CBD. Decarboxylation can mean the difference between experiencing a host of health benefits and experiencing nothing at all. Despite going through decarboxylation, golden CBD oils do not produce any psychoactive effects and by law may not contain more than 0.05% of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.


Golden CBD oils are manufactured in Swiss laboratories through a proprietary steam distillation process, that holds onto a full spectrum of terpenes to offer a more wholesome course of benefits. Other oils on the market are made using CBD crystals, which contain 99% CBD, but lack the rest of the cannabinoid “entourage”, that makes them so effective. With golden oils, you can rest assured, that your CBD oils will feature as many beneficial compounds as possible, that work together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.


In an effort to provide consumers with the most natural products possible, the golden oils are consistently tested for signs of contamination or chemical interference from pesticides, herbicides and unnatural fertilizers at every point throughout cultivation and processing. Regardless of cannabinoid concentration, no one wants to ingest chemically grown oils on a daily basis. As such, our golden oils will always be chemical-free and all-natural.